Are You A Londoner Or A Londonist?

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Are You A Londoner Or A Londonist?
The Londonist moquette.

We're often asked about our name.

"What is a Londonist?"

We reckon it's somebody who not only lives or works in London, but also takes a geeky interest in exploring the city's history and culture. For example:

  • A Londoner sits on the tube, playing with their phone. A Londonist sits on the tube, trying to identify the landmarks in the seat moquette, then makes their own (above).  
  • A Londoner dreams of one day going up the BT Tower. A Londonist has jogged up the stairs for charity. Twice.
  • A Londoner thinks that John Soane's Museum is a 'hidden gem'. A Londonist looks out for new exhibitions at the Fan Museum.
  • A Londoner complains about the traffic around the Crossrail digs. A Londonist has already taken a train through the tunnels.
  • A Londoner thinks that Big Ben is more properly known as St Stephen's Tower. A Londonist knows that was never the case.
  • A Londoner knows about the buried River Fleet. A Londonist has paddled in it.
  • A Londoner has a favourite pub. A Londonist does too, but also has a favourite ghost sign. And bollard.

Are you a Londoner or a Londonist?

Last Updated 11 October 2017