Ticket Alert: Secret Cinema Returns This Week, But With Which Film?

By Londonist Staff Last edited 88 months ago
Ticket Alert: Secret Cinema Returns This Week, But With Which Film?

Ssssh — they're at it again. Secret Cinema that is, reclaiming a lost bit of London and turning it into a head-spinning immersive screening. Where that is or exactly what it is however, no one is totally sure. But here’s what we know so far (we think it’s enough to figure it out):

  • It starts tomorrow and goes on until 20 March with new dates just added but do be quick if you want a ticket.
  • It involves a 360-degree journey with 35 actors, live music and sets.
  • You'll be given a new identity for the event, which includes a rank and character name.
  • There's an online newspaper which you can contribute to...
  • ...and also a social network to join (the 1950s duck and cover themed clips on the website are a strange and lovely clue, but for our own personal safety that’s all we’ll say here).

This is the 22nd Secret Cinema event and it remains to be seen whether this one will be as big as the recent Empire Strikes Back or the Back To The Future extravaganzas. They have addressed the controversy over ticket prices that accompanied the last shows with a two-tier system this time: £64.50 for a standard operative, £129 to be a "level X" operative. If you know what the difference between those price tags will mean — there's no need to stay too hush-hush about that.

Last Updated 16 February 2016