Tickets Go On Sale Tuesday For A Crème Egg Café

Helen Graves
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Tickets Go On Sale Tuesday For A Crème Egg Café
Do you go gaga for the goo? Photo: Abul Hussain on Flickr.

Cadbury’s Crème Eggs hit the headlines recently after it was revealed that the Dairy Milk chocolate had been swapped for a cheaper recipe. Perhaps in an attempt to win back public affection then, Cadbury’s will open a Crème Egg Café on Greek Street in Soho for seven weeks, from 22 January-6 March.

Lovers of the fondant filled eggs will be able to gorge themselves in ways they probably haven’t considered before, including a Crème Egg tray bake, Crème Egg with strawberries, and the potentially challenging Crème Egg toastie.

The eggs have a nostalgic value for many consumers over a certain age, but apparently the café will dedicate one of its three floors to an “interactive ball pool”. Perhaps they’re trying to attract a new, younger generation of chocolate lovers, steering them away from their fancy, new-fangled chocs?

We can’t deny the novelty appeal of the café, and we’ll probably visit for a cup of tea and a bite of that toastie (the café won’t sell alcohol, perhaps to minimise any chances of chaos in the ball pit). Mostly though, we’re just proud we got through this article without using a single egg pun.

Tickets for the first floor restaurant are available from 19 January via Eventbrite. There will be a limited number of walk-in spaces available. It's open 22 January-6 March, Fridays 5pm-9pm and Saturday/Sunday 2pm-6pm only.

Last Updated 19 January 2016

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