The Reddit Guide To London

Chris Lockie
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The Reddit Guide To London

Reddit: home of deranged cat worshippers, people arguing about Adnan Syed and a vast number of people with views about London. Because we've realised what a wonderful source of entertainment reddit can be, we've scoured one single subreddit — /r/London — in a bid to summarise its users' views of our city.

And these people swear like bastards, just to warn you.


Half of us spend our lives doing it, and it never seems to get any easier. Especially with 'cockwombles' everywhere:

All aboard:

Comment from discussion Worst pubs in London?.

Sometimes the commute can be a time of self-reflection:

Don't listen to your mother — this is definitely how it's done:

Whereas this is definitely not:


We must all remain vigilant as it becomes apparent that we could all die at any moment in a heinous act of mindless fury. And then real life:

It doesn't matter how terrifying ISIS gets, there's always the bloody Christmas shopping:

A typical reddit user reacts to the Leytonstone knife attack:


A vote for London's finest Sunday roast, reddit-style:

A craze too far:

A bonus reply to the comment above:

Quite. And now a few words for a true British dining experience:


One of our American cousins is coming to stay for a while. "I'm going to London for three months for work, and I've been given the choice between two apartments. One is five minutes from Covent Garden, and the other is really close to Buckingham Palace. Any recommendations on which area would be more fun? I'm in my mid-20s, currently live in NYC in the East Village. Ideally I'd pick the place with more food/fun/atmosphere nearby."

And London's most upvoted response:

Is it better to rent from an agency or private landlord?

But on a more serious note:

Going out

There's nothing like planning a memorable NYE:

Ever wondered what Londoners get up to on a school night? No, us neither:


We can all learn something from them:

Comment from discussion Best pubs in London?.

In defence of a proud institution:

Comment from discussion Pub Culture.

An unanswerable question of undeniable insight:

Comment from discussion Worst pubs in London?.

London life

London retains its crown as fashion capital of the globe:

The great 'twin-strap wanker' debate rumbles on:

We don't know what this bloke's on about but the more we think about it the more we realise he's absolutely right:

Proper advice

It's not all cursing and demands for free shit — reddit's London contingent is full of serious, thought-out advice as well. Take this all-too-prescient advice on Southern trains over the festive season:

Not sure where to donate unwanted items? Try this:

You have unwanted tickets for the Book of Mormon. What to do?


Your friend is rather unwisely leaving London for good. What better departing gift than London's finest hoary old gag:

Looking for a 'specialist foreign film' when you're 'desperate'?:

And finally

This reddit user seems to get London better than anyone:

Sums up everything Londonist stands for better than we ever could ourselves.

Last Updated 22 June 2016