9 Peep Show Quotes That Sum Up Living In London

Will Noble
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9 Peep Show Quotes That Sum Up Living In London

With Peep Show now over after nine series, Croydon will never be as funny again. Here's a selection of quotes from Peep Show that best sum up London.

For jobseekers in Shoreditch

I can't believe you're trying to make me get a job not in the media. You're such a bastard.

The ultimate London itinerary, courtesy of Super Hans

So listen, I thought we would hang here for a bit, have a little stroll down Oxford Street, take in the funny T-shirts, hit one of my fave Prets, more juice, bit of a relax, then this avo — shopping, relax, juice, and then Tussauds.

When you accidentally go to a bad fringe show

I'm going to pretend I am watching Heat.

No respect for the Houses of Parliament

Looking at porn is like lying to Parliament. It used to be wrong but now it’s all a big laugh.

A normal Tuesday night out

Oh, shit, no! 45 quid! I've just spent 45 quid on wine!

Running for the bus and catching it

Yes! I am the Lord of the bus, said he.

When you forgot to book your tickets to the fireworks

Not the Hootenanny! Never the Hootenanny! We’re better than that.

A Londoner's understanding of the countryside

This is what farmers do. They go around shooting crows, and trespassers, and eventually, because of the EU, themselves.

Super Hans nails gentrification

I've been down enough bloody City boy chain pubs with their logos in the foam and disinfectant in the lager, air freshener in the mayo.

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