The Best Of Harrow In Photos

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 90 months ago

Last Updated 01 November 2016

The Best Of Harrow In Photos
Harrow on the Hill. Photo: Hoosier Sands

Harrow, the little corner of north-west London most famous for its school and its hill, has plenty more going for it.

Take a trip through Harrow and the surrounding areas, including Pinner and Wealdstone, with these photos.

Christmas Day engineering works on the bridge at Petts Hill/Northolt Road. Photo: Sinister Dexter

Old school at Harrow School. Photo: Mike T

Posh uniforms in the window of a Harrow shop. Photo: Matt Brown

St Ann's Shopping Centre lit up for Christmas 2014. Photo: Greg McCormick

Harrow-on-the-Hill is the site of the first car accident in the UK which proved fatal to the driver. More on that story here. Photo: David Merrigan

Rayners Lane station. Photo: Greg McCormick

Platform 7 at Harrow & Wealdstone station. Photo: Tetramesh

View towards RAF Northolt from Harrow School. Photo: Tommy Cooling

Pinner Memorial Park. As well as memorial gardens, the park is home to a bowling green, children's play area, cafe and small aviary. Photo: Anatoleya

Nearby Pinner High Street. Photo: Matt Brown

Signpost in Pinner. Photo: John Kumar

Wealdstone Motors. Photo: Matt Brown

Steam engine at Harrow. Photo: Anita Amies

We've previously covered Edmonton, Leytonstone, Penge and Ealing in this series. Over the next few weeks we'll be visiting Woolwich and Dagenham. If you have any photos of these areas that you'd like us to share (with credit, of course), please add them to our Flickr pool, or email them to