TfL Fares For 2016 Announced

James Drury
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Last Updated 10 December 2015

TfL Fares For 2016 Announced
Fares on TfL have been announced. Photo by worldoflard from the Londonist Flickr pool.

Fares for travel on Transport for London (TfL) services will rise 1% next year— in line with the retail price index measure of inflation.

Children under 11 will be able to travel free on all National Rail services in the capital under an extension welcomed by Jon-Rhys Foster, chair at the British Youth Council, who said it will help those families struggling with the cost of living in London.

London TravelWatch Chair, Stephen Locke said: "We are pleased to see free travel for children under 11 being extended to all National Rail services in London — another step towards a simplified fares structure which will increase consistency across travel modes in London and reduce confusion for passengers."

Stations in east London will be rezoned from Zone 3 to boundary Zone 2/3, including Stratford, Stratford High Street, Stratford International DLR station, West Ham and Canning Town, Star Lane and Abbey Road. This means if you arrive into these stations from Zone 3 or higher, it'll charge you the fare as if you're in Zone 3. If you arrive from Zones 1 or 2, it'll charge you a journey as if you've arrived at Zone 2.

The pay as you go single bus fare is frozen at £1.50 while the one day bus cap increases by 10p to £4.50, the same as the cost of three single fares.

Labour London Assembly transport spokesperson Val Shawcross said: "By increasing adult fares yet again Boris Johnson has dealt a parting blow to Londoners who have already had to contend with astronomical fare rises during his mayoralty.

"We've witnessed astonishing levels of hypocrisy from a mayor who once said he'd lower fares in the long term but has bumped them up by over 40% during his time in office."

Green Party's Darren Johnson AM said: "For some time I have been urging the mayor to persuade train operators in south London to roll out free travel for under 11s so I am very pleased this will now happen.

"Ultimately all suburban rail routes in Greater London need to come under control of the mayor and TfL and I will carry on making that case. But this step will at least clear up confusion around ticketing and benefit London families in the meantime."

Key points from the announcement:

  • The pay as you go single bus fare is frozen at £1.50 while the one day bus cap increases by 10p to £4.50, the same as the cost of three single fares. The overall increase in bus fares is 0.8 per cent.
  • On the Tube, London Overground, the DLR and TfL Rail, pay as you go single fares in Zones 1-6 are frozen, with the exception of Zone 1 only and Zone 1-2 off-peak fares, which will increase from £2.30 to £2.40. The overall increase on these services is 1.1 per cent.
  • All other current concessionary fare schemes will be maintained in their current forms.
  • The all day caps, which were reduced last year to 20% of the 7 Day Travelcard price in Zones 1-6, will increase by 10p.
  • The Off-Peak Zones 1-6 Travelcard and the Anytime Zones 1-4 Travelcard will increase from £12 to £12.10 while the Anytime Zones 1 to 6 Travelcard will increase from £17 to £17.20.
  • Travelcard season ticket prices increase by just under one per cent on average in line with the guidance from Secretary of State for Transport that no regulated National Rail fare should rise by more than RPI next year.
  • On the Emirates Air Line, the single fare for adult pay as you go users and Travelcard holders is increased by 10p to £3.50. All other Emirates Air Line fares - including child fares and cash fares — are frozen.

For a full breakdown of the fares, see here.