Vote For Your Favourite London Transport Design Icon

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Last Updated 06 October 2015

Vote For Your Favourite London Transport Design Icon

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The Roundel might be doing well but Underground in Bloom deserves votes too!

What's your favourite London transport design icon?

100 things nominated by the public and Transport for London and London Transport Museum staff face the public vote. Predictably such ubiquitous things as the black cab, Harry Beck's original Tube Map, and the TfL roundel are currently in the lead.

But alongside the obvious (and glorious) stations, vehicles, maps and posters, there are some beautiful and unexpected items that also deserve your attention and your vote.

Things like Underground in Bloom, which has been turning stations verdant and floral since the 1920s, the "Push Once" bus bell that's helped Londoners alight at the right stop (and attempted to save drivers' shredded nerves) for 60 years, Dial-a-Ride, the door-to-door service for disabled Londoners, and Pedestrian Countdown which has made some of our major junctions a lot safer to cross in recent years.

Click through the gallery below to see some more of the contenders. All 100 are listed here.

'Push Once' button
Wilfred the Bunny
Open Data Policy
Stabler tiles
Gibson ticket machine
Accessible bus network
Service regulator dials at 55 Broadway
East Finchley archer

Browse the list or browse the Tumblr — you can vote quickly and easily either way.  

Cast your votes before 1 October. The winner will be announced on 15 October.