Oscar Movies Remade In London

Will Noble
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Last Updated 14 February 2016

Oscar Movies Remade In London

The 88th Academy Awards aren't far off, and to mark the occasion we've done something really quite silly. That is, we've retitled Oscar nominated movies as they might be, were they set in London (although a couple of the original films feature London anyway). No doubt you've got some puns of your own, so check out this list, and give us your best shot in the comments.

Photo by Sean Batten, in the Londonist Flickr pool.

The Shoreditch-shank Redemption

A Hackney hipster is imprisoned for the murder of his wife, but finds solace in Morgan Freeman and a pop-up eatery specialising in braised lamb.

The King's Cross Speech

Colin Firth is put through a number of stirring montages, culminating in a heated announcement over a train station Tannoy system at rush hour.

Erin Brockleyvich

Julia Roberts plays a small-time south east London lawyer who fearlessly takes on The Powers That Be (aka Lewisham Council).

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts both star in our remakes. Photo by Kathy Archbold, in the Londonist Flickr pool.

The Elephant and Castle Man

Touching story about the man with a disfiguring condition that caused his face to resemble Southwark's busiest roundabout.

The Patient English

Documentary footage of commuters waiting for consistently delayed trains, but never making a fuss about it.

There Will Be Floods

Hard-hitting drama about a drain expert whose warnings went unheeded by Thameslink.

Photo by Jean, in the Londonist Flickr pool.

The Garden Bridge on the River Kwai

Joanna Lumley wants to build a second garden bridge — this time in Thailand. But will her monument to British spirit be sabotaged by peeved cyclists who aren't granted access to Lumley's verdant crossing?

Seven Brides for Seven Sisters

Modern, lesbian reworking of the original musical — set in north east London rather than Oregon.

Forrest Gate Gump

Tom Hanks reminisces about his remarkable life while waiting for the 58 to Walthamstow.

Has Joanna Lumley gone a bridge too far? Photo by Simon Kimber, in the Londonist Flickr pool.

A Serious Man?

Boris Johnson biopic.

Crouch End Tiger, Hidden Dagenham

You really have to see this one for it to make any sense.