Video: An Animated Timeline Of London's Bridges

By Geoff Marshall Last edited 109 months ago
Video: An Animated Timeline Of London's Bridges

If like us, the Garden Bridge being given the go-ahead got you pondering the recent history of London's bridges, then this is for you. We did some digging and have compiled our research into an easy-to-follow animation.

For the sake of brevity, we've focussed on the central area of London and didn't go further west than Battersea Bridge (nor east of Tower Bridge to include the QEII bridge at Dartford). However, for those who are keen on an even broader view: Wandsworth bridge was first built in 1873 (and rebuilt in 1940); Putney Bridge was first opened in 1729 (which was before Westminster bridge in the video) but then rebuilt in 1886; Hammersmith Bridge was first constructed in 1827, and then rebuilt in 1887.

Chiswick Bridge has also been around since 1933, and Kew Bridge since 1903.

(And if you're wondering what is the point of the Garden Bridge — we asked that too.)

Featured image of Blackfriars Bridge by Tomasz Kulbowski via the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 10 January 2015