On The Edge: Endangered Animal Photos Displayed At ZSL London Zoo

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On The Edge: Endangered Animal Photos Displayed At ZSL London Zoo

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Polar Bear Ursus maritimus cubs play-fighting at Kaktovik, Arctic in October.

A day at ZSL London Zoo is a great chance to see some of the world's most astounding animals in the flesh, from Sumatran tigers to silverback gorillas, but it can be hard to get a full appreciation of those which are endangered or at risk of extinction.

The Animal Photography Exhibition currently on display at the zoo is split into six categories, including Last Chance To See. The exhibition showcases photos of fauna from across the world. Not only are they breathtaking images, but they allow visitors a rare chance to peek at animals in their natural environment. The Last Chance To See category focuses on animals in danger of extinction, from polar bears and Arctic foxes which are in peril due to shrinking polar ice sheets; to gorillas, whose main threat is poaching.

A visit to ZSL London Zoo helps with many conservation projects going on in the UK and around the world. ZSL is a charity, which receives no government support and is funded entirely by donations and visitor contributions.  So the cost of your ticket could be funding a variety of conservation projects from ZSL's Thames Seal Programme, to cheetah conservation in Tanzania.

ZSL London Zoo’s Animal Photography Exhibition takes place from Friday 19 September until early 2015, at ZSL London Zoo, Regent’s Park, NW1 4RY. The exhibition is free to enter with a ticket to the zoo (entry prices here). For more information on ZSL London Zoo, visit their website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

Last Updated 23 October 2014