Free Musician-Connecting Service Launches In Brent

Chris Lockie
By Chris Lockie Last edited 53 months ago
Free Musician-Connecting Service Launches In Brent


When a musician decides they need to find a singer, a guitarist, a producer or someone to collaborate with, where do they go? It used to be the classifieds of the NME - without the wee ads in the back of that august publication Elton John may never have met Bernie Taupin, and then where would we be? Now a new service has launched which aims to connect musicians 'one borough at a time', though because of the size of this place they're starting with just Brent.

Locodia is the brainchild of Georgia Meyer, a music obsessive who noticed a couple of years ago that producers she followed on Twitter (such as Geeneus, the man behind Rinse FM) were constantly tweeting singers for their music. It struck Georgia that this was an inefficient way for talent to connect, and she duly set about creating this new venture alongside her friend Lilli and a small team of developers.

The upshot is a free service to enable all the artists in a local area to collect together their music and social media details, to connect and combine their talents far more easily. It's exclusively for Brent-based musicians right now, but the plan is to expand across the boroughs as Locodia grows. Musicians, recording studios, record labels and venues elsewhere in London can reserve a username, and the more pre-registrations Locodia get in other boroughs the sooner they can link up the rest of the city.

There's a promo video for the service, which you can watch below:

We're intrigued to see how this endeavour goes down in Brent. The promo artists to launch it include the likes of hip hop producer Abstract Soundz and Kilburn-based band The Dirty Mojos, and it now includes a snazzy interactive map on the website.

It's the type of thing that deserves to do well for every music lover's benefit, so if you know any musicians or people involved with music in any way, get them over to the Locodia website to sign up. You can also get hold of the people behind it on Twitter and Facebook.

Last Updated 02 July 2014