What's The Best Pub In Richmond: The Results

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Last Updated 03 September 2013

What's The Best Pub In Richmond: The Results

Part ‘R’ of our intrepid two year mission to visit the best London pubs, alphabetically.

The Roebuck must have the best pub view in London. Image by a very happy M@.

We asked you to vote for your favourite pubs and bars in Richmond (the town centre, rather than the full borough). We didn't get as many votes as usual, perhaps because the area is further from the centre, and less well-known to a majority. Nevertheless, we've certainly been dealt a fine selection of boozers.

The top 10

1. White Cross (possibly because of its prominent riverside location)
=2. The Roebuck (possibly because of its amazing views, see above)
=2. The Marlborough
4. The White Horse
=5. The Red Cow
=5. The Old Ship
=5. The Sun Inn
=8. The Lass O'Richmond Hill
=8. The Victoria
10. The Cricketers

We're going to run the pub crawl on a Saturday, to fit more of these fine pubs in...and we're going to attempt an unprecedented seven. See below for full details.

Map of the best pubs in Richmond

All the nominated pubs and bars are shown in the map above. Green dotted pins are the top 7, which we’ll visit on the pub crawl (see below). Yellow pins show the rest of the top 10. Red pins are all other nominations. (Red doesn't mean 'bad'...it's at least one person's favourite, and might be off the beaten track and less well known. Personally, we like the Pig's Ear and Britannia.)

The Pub Crawl

Owing to your host being busy at weekends, we can't run this one until Saturday 5 October (note, date changed from original 6 October). But that's plenty of time to get into training for a seven-pub trek around Richmond. Here's the plan:

1pm Meet at the Sun Inn (a rugby pub, so might be busy if there's a match on, but that'll add to the fun)
2.30pm The Old Ship
3.30pm The White Cross
5pm The Roebuck (the sun should be low by then, offering beautifully lit views if we have good weather)
6pm The Marlborough
7pm The Red Cow
8pm The White Horse

Then we're fairly close to Richmond station for those who aren't local.

If you'd like to join us, please email [email protected], so we can keep an eye on numbers.

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