Listen Up Interview: Tiffany Page

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Listen Up Interview: Tiffany Page

tiffanypage0110.jpg Not since Martine McCutcheon wandered in front of Frank Butcher's cab twelve (12!) years ago has a Tiffany been close to our hearts. Fellow London girl Tiffany Page is hoping to change that as she prepares to launch a music career on Mercury Records in the next couple of months. Yes, it's another 20 something girl, launching another music career but prepare to rejoice - this time round there's not a Winehouse lilt or shiny synthesiser in sight. Instead Tiffany comes with guitar attached, a gruff, broody voice plus a glamourous strut that's ready to take on London's dingiest venues. We grabbed her for a quick chat.

When you say Tiffany, we say Mitchell. Are you going to win us over in a red coat with a cockney accent?

I can don a red coat but I'm lacking in the cockney accent department. I can try my best Derek Trotter impersonation though if you like!

Now you're a proper London girl, where do you call home?

I live up in Archway. The best thing about it is the 134 bus which can whizz me home, into Camden and into town really quickly, but there's no Nandos! Terrible.

We can't believe Quasar closed down? Is there any reason to go to Archway any more?

Well, it's a bit of a walk but I'll recommend a trip over to the beautiful Kenwood House.

Do you think growing up in London has a big effect on someone?

Not if you don't know any different but I guess it depends on the person and their upbringing. I do think Londoners are a lot more tolerant of other people though, which is fantastic.

What's your favourite London gig venue and why?

Maybe the 12 Bar club on Denmark Street as I've had any fun nights there gigging with an acoustic guitar.

Can you think of an unusual London location that would be amazing to do a gig at?

The big balcony under the circular stain glass window of Alexandra Palace would be amazing. Gigging to a crowd on the grass banks and over looking London.

What can we expect from you in 2010?

Everything is just starting for me, so my first single will be out in March and then possibly another and then my album. Lots and lots of gigs too.

What's your favourite clubnight in town?

Im not huge on clubbing as I prefer a bar with live music and friends but when I was 16-17 I used to go to the Dome in Kentish Town and Feet First at what was then the Camden Palace.

Tiffany Page plays the Hard Rock Cafe tonight supporting Pixie Lott and The Garage on Tuesday 10 February.

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