Pathe Stock Footage Of Old London (Part 2)

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Pathe Stock Footage Of Old London (Part 2)


Another dip into the wonderful archive of Pathé film footage from a vanished London. Here's Part 1.

German Zeppelin pays 'goodwill' visit to London. 'No bombs this time.' (1931)

After our recent trip behind the Piccadilly lights, we can better appreciate the joy Londoners must have known after the famous lights returned following WWII (1949).

But here they are being extinguished to save fuel just two years later (1951).

Fashion models parade down Bond Street, putting a smile on the faces of the working classes (1955)

Construction and topping out of the now defunct Commonwealth Institute building in Kensington (1962)

If you only watch one! Aeriel views of a still bomb-scarred London, before the skyscrapers came (1962)

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