Listen Up: Will & The People

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Listen Up: Will & The People

Will and the People

Will & The People are one of six new bands signed by RCA this year plumping for their spot in the big time. Mixing cheeky chappy ska with breezy indie, they're the type of group you'll have a dance about to in the sunshine at a festival after a couple of bottles of pear cider. We had a bit of a jig about to them and then a chat the other week at Water Rats where they're taking control of the stage every Tuesday night for the rest of the month.

Download a free MP3 of 'Misunderstood' here.

Hello Will & The People! Who is Will and who are his people?

Hello Londonist! will be happy to know we are all honest humans. I (Will) am a man on a mission to meet all the coolest people in the world, and write songs, I also am lucky enough to have an eclectic group of talented peeps surrounding me with the same vision. We also have a band called...wait for it...Will and The People.

Whereabouts in London are you based? What's brilliant and what's totally horrible about it?

Tilley (keyboards) has a studio in Brixton, so that is where we tend to hang out...but Noddy and Dan (BV's/synths & Bass) live in Brighton, and I moved up a year ago and live in Parsons Green. What's Brill about Brighton is the coast...whats bad isn't London ie. "where it's at"! Brixton is great cause we practically live there, and horrible because there is too much traffic! Parsons Green is lovely because it's quiet...horrible because there are no music venues and you can't buy cigarettes after 11pm!

Where are you from originally and what does London do better?

I am originally from Wiltshire...London is better because the only thing one can do in Purton, Wiltshire, is eat cake and fresh vegetables, and drink ale in an old English pub. Sounds great...until you realize nothing EVER happens there! Being a musician you need to be in London in most cases...

What London location has been the most significant for you?

I suppose the studio in Brixton. Grindhouse Studios is very small, but we were born there so it feels like home every time we go there. We have the option of rehearsing in these fancy studios sometimes but we don't want to because we are seriously attached to this place - a bit like a pair of old shoes you can't throw away...we love it and it's underneath a great deli so we get cheap food and showcase our music to the people in the restaurant (though you can only really hear the thumping bass through the floor when you are up there!)

What is the band up to at the moment?

We are currently sitting in the studio trying to work out how to use a green screen to make a new home video... sounds geeky but it's actually very fun and Swedish (Dan) does all the work anyway, I just prance around and help edit n stuff. But in the bigger picture we are all surfing a wave of enthusiasm at the moment and for the first time we are really busy with tours/making videos/finishing the album icing on the Soufflé and looking forward to festivals this summer!

What do you sound like?

We sound like we sound without being too cliched about it! But in an essence our music is pop with edges, some hard some soft, and a big sound is made up of tight grooves and intricate melody likes on varied instruments goo goo ga ga ga!!! We are very vocally driven and love harmony.

What's your favourite London venue?

The Roundhouse in Camden, although i love the Water Rats...we play there a lot.

What about down the tube? Have you ever busked?

Yes ! I love it. I have busked on the tube a few times but it's a hard audience to please...only a few times but one time i had people singing with me (yes they were drunk but hey) and there was applause...I made 20 quid in half an hour! But then got thrown out...grrr.

What's your favourite record shop in London (and why?)

I would say just "Shoreditch in general" only because I am a grazer, I like to pop in and out of different stores, that area is good :) By gosh the internet makes it easier though doesn't it...come to think of it i haven't been into a record shop for about a year...shame on my wicked soul!

And your favourite club night

The End...though it has closed down.I only went once, but all I will say is I was awake for a few days and what I can remember was mesmorizing! The Kensington Roof Gardens (again only been once!) is ridiculous though...a full club with massive gardens on top of a building on Kensington High Street! P Diddy style!

If we couldn't listen to you, what other new London bands /artists should we be checking out?

The quick 50's are cool, and we played with a guy called Trip recently...he was wicked

When can we see you playing next?

We have a residency at the Water Rats in Kings Cross this month, every tuesday night...a fiver to get in...PARTY ON!

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