Listen Up: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool?

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Listen Up: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool?

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Proving yet again that the close of the naughties promises to sound a lot like the 1980s, the curiously named Ou Est Le Swimming Pool are here and ready to party. Bursting their way onto the blog scene at the end of last year, their euphorically bittersweet branch of electro pop will feel just right if Heartbreak are that touch too Hoxton for you. We caught up with the boys for a swift one:

Who's in the band?

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool is made up of 3 maverick renegades who go by the names of Andelé Peligroso Pericosima, Fernando P.I. and Affa Da.

Whereabouts in London are you based? What's brilliant and what's totally horrible about it?

We're based in magnificent Camden Town. The crack whores and dope fiends are probably the best and worst things really. They have their moments.

What is the band up to at the moment?

We've been working hard in the studio for a while, churning out some more classic hits for the masses. Now it's all about the upcoming gigs and tours on the horizon.

What do you sound like?

Well, that's pretty hard. We don't really sound too much like anything at the moment (I'm sure everyone says that). But if you could mix up Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Run DMC, Yazoo and Japan in a blender, with a side order of Ultravox, Liasons Dangereuses and Duran Duran, then i reckon you'd be somewhere near Le Pool's sound.

Give us your most awesome reason for why we should listen to you rather than every other new band out there?

Dance The Way I Feel

What's your favourite London venue?

We're just about to DJ at Matter Bar O2 and i've heard that's awesome. So I'm going to predict that, by the end of the week, that will be.

Can you think of a cool London location that would be amazing to do a gig at?

On the top of Marble Arch. Or do a Brian May and play on the roof of Buckingham Palace. Basically anywhere tall that looks down on loads of unsuspecting people.

Have you ever busked? Would you ever?

We did do an impromptu acoustic set in St. James Park by mistake in the summer, much to the delight of some Japanese tourists. But apart from that, no. It would be pretty fun to do now though as Fernando has recently bought a foot high upright piano. It's pretty awesome.

What's your favourite record shop in London?

Fopp. Sorry...

And your favourite club night?

Ban Jam

at St. Moritz Club is a mighty affair.

If we couldn't listen to you, what other new London bands /artists should we be checking out?

Operahouse are a damn fine band and La Roux's definitely got an exciting sound. Ellie Goulding is going to be huge. Also, Alan Pownall has done an amazing cover of Kanye West's "Love Lockdown". Definitely check them all out.

When can we see you playing next?

We will be playing at Cargo, in Shoreditch, on 6th February. Cool club, Friday night, IT'S FREE, you'd be stupid to miss it.

Check out their myspace.

Last Updated 16 January 2009