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Londonist, multi-faceted, eclectic creatures that we are, has got a new favourite sound. Trouble is, we’re a bit perplexed as to how to describe it. It’s bluegrass, it’s folk, it’s honest, it’s toe-tapping, it’s happy, and we like the lyrics. Or, if we can get all synaesthetic on you, they sound like the smell of aftershave on a sheepskin jacket, or the taste of black pepper on strawberries, or the feel of corduroy rubbed up the wrong way. This music is new, and a very clever blend of genres. Mumford and Sons are ridiculously talented and considering they’ve only been together for six months, we can safely predict that they’re going far. AND: they’re home grown. We're telling you about them now so you can pencil them into your diary...

Here’s what they’re about in their own words:

Who's in the band?

Ted Dwane, Winston Marshall, Marcus Mumford and Ben Lovett

Tell us about your music and what influences it...

It's 'soul' music in perhaps a way that word often isn't used but should be. We are influenced by the daily lives around us and by each other.

You don't look wrinkly enough to produce good Bluegrass, and you've only been together for six months: what's your secret?

A lot of the bluegrass praise has to go to Country Winston who is our driving force on the Bluegrass side of our sound. We just love playing and even though the band's only been together for 6 months, we've all played together in some shape or form for years.

Why should we listen to you than every other new band out there?

We're not saying you should! There are some truly fantastic new bands out there. Many of them are inspirational to us. If you're asking what's different about Mumford and Sons any other band, we'd hope that it would be in our aspiration for honesty and creating a raw sound that people can feel in touch with what we're about.

Whereabouts in London are you based and what's ace about it?

We're based in South-West London. Hard to say what's "ace" about it - it just happens to be where we live.

What's your favourite London venue? Isn't it kinda intimidating playing somewhere legendary like Bosun's Locker?

The Bosun's Locker was a very small venue in Fulham which, sadly, no longer exists. It was possibly the least intimidating environment for any musician and that's what was so great about it. The community aspect and a shared sense of encouraging each other's song writing/playing whilst ultimately just having the great times. As far as a favourite London venue goes now, it's hard to pick out one, but The Union Chapel in Islington is definitely up there.

What was your worst London gig-sperience?

It might sound a bit cliche but we get a buzz out of every gig we play. As of yet, there hasn't been a show that we've come off stage regretting or wishing we hadn't done. Some shows have been tougher than others.

Can you think of an unusual London location that should open itself up for gigs?

We're definitely feeling the Church venue vibe right now. The natural acoustics and ambience is great for both the performer and listener. It'd be great to see more churches open their doors to live music.

Have you ever busked on the underground?

Not yet...

What's your favourite record shop in London?

There are a couple of gems in Notting Hill and Round near Brick Lane. Rough Trade is still strong as ever but there isn't a shop that the four of us go on weekly excursions to.

What other new London bands / artists should we be checking out?

Davie Fiddle & The Lucky Egg, Jesse Quin & The Mets, King Charles, Alessi, there are so many but these four are a healthy start!

Where and when can we see you playing next?

Our EP launch is at The Luminaire in Kilburn on the 7th of July.

What's your London secret?

That would be telling.

You can also catch up with them at Glastonbury.

Last Updated 20 June 2008