Euston Tap

Euston Tap

The Euston Tap is a very odd pub. It's housed in an old station lodge building, whose classical stylings look more like it should be storing the bones of a great Victorian general than serving drinks. And then, once inside, you find that the bar is entirely devoid of pumps. The vast selection of beers is instead dispensed from a series of taps on a brass plate to the back of the bar — an arrangement that's now familiar, but this place was a trailblazer.

Your many options, with their requisite alcohol percentages, are scribbled onto chalk boards beside the bar. The effect is neat and charming unless, like your rather vain correspondent, you're purposely not wearing your spectacles, in which case you have to squint and crane to establish what's on offer. Those with even better eye sight can negotiate one of the zillion bottled beers stored in the fridges.

This being more of a pedestal than building, the interior can get a bit cramped. Fortunately, there's plenty of standing room outside. A small seating area can be found up the spiral staircase — but on no account stand beneath the stairwell or you're likely to enjoy a shower of fugitive dregs from those ascending.

In 2016, the Euston Tap expanded into the near identical lodge across the road. Formerly the Cider Tap, this is now a near-identical extension, with much the same decor.

On Twitter as @eustontap.

Last updated March 2017.


Pub Features

Ales galore

Address: 173 Euston Road NW1 2AX

Phone: 020 3137 8837



Monday: midday-late

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