What Do Japanese People Think Of London?

James Drury
By James Drury Last edited 16 months ago
What Do Japanese People Think Of London?

There were 368,000 visiting the city last year, but what do Japanese people make of London? What were they expecting? What do they think of the food? Do they find Londoners friendly? What's the biggest difference between Japan and the UK?

This charming video made by Charbel Bou-Antoun, with presenter Katsuya Hasegawa and translator Reina Sandifer elicits some fascinating answers.

It's intriguing to see what preconceptions some of the interviewees have, and especially what many of them find most appealing and novel about the city.

Last Updated 20 February 2017

Sue Sparks

Nice to hear that, though being Japanese, they were probably being a bit too polite! I visited Tokyo and Kyoto in December and people were very kind and welcoming. If you look puzzled in the street or the subway people would come up and ask you where you wanted to go and try to direct you.