Video: Gladiators in London

By Zoe Craig Last edited 22 months ago
Video: Gladiators in London

Check out this fascinating video all about gladiators in Roman London, and their exploits in the city's remarkable amphitheatre.

Discovered in 1988 when the Guildhall Art Gallery was being built, London's Roman amphitheatre offered seating for more than 7,000 people; a third of the population of the city at the time.

A typical day at the Games would have started with animal hunting in the morning; execution of criminals at midday; and the gladiatorial combat in the afternoon, all in front of a near-hysterical crowd.

You can visit London's Roman Amphitheatre for free at the Guildhall Art Gallery, off Gresham Street, London EC2V 5AE. Visit to find out more.

Last Updated 02 March 2017