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Daniela Ing

Daniela Ing

Video Intern

There's always something to be grateful for, which is why you'll most likely see Daniela smiling.

Her 20ish years of life have been a weird amalgamation of a limitless world. Both South African and Argentine, she was born in Cape Town and moved to live in Joburg for eight years then Hong Kong for another eight. As a third culture kid (if we're sticking with internet labels), it was only natural to move to London for university at UAL.

Daniela has fully embraced the city and loves things like the singing elevator, the smell of Leake Street Tunnel, breakfast during sunrise at Duck & Waffle and empty theatres (after a musical of course).

Her friends, both native and imports, have claimed her to being their London tour guide, and she's always sharing the magic of this city with them and anyone who'll listen.

Capturing and sharing experiences with others has always been her passion, especially when it helps to expand their thinking and perspective of life. She tries to always have an inclusive expression in all that she does and just wants to continue sharing love and positivity through videos.

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