This Train Terminates At... Thiockfosters

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 13 months ago
This Train Terminates At... Thiockfosters
Image: The Esteemed

The tube network: home to 270 stations... or should that be 271?

Redditor 'The Esteemed' recently glanced up on their Piccadilly line train to see that it was bound for a station by the name of... Thiockfosters.

Sounds altogether alien — actually, that could make a great episode of Rick and Morty, in which each tube station has a bizarre alternative dimension of itself.

Strange the phenomenon may be, but it's not singular. Other passengers have spotted it on Piccadilly line trains, including this one, apparently bound for 'The nefosters'.

What's going on then? As much as we'd like to believe Cockfosters was built by aliens, and occasionally lapses into its true alien manifestation, the babbling destinations are actually a technical gremlin — one that triggers a portmanteau of 'this train terminates at...' or 'the next station is...' and 'Cockfosters'.

Oh, who are we kidding. The aliens are here. The end is nigh.

Last Updated 13 November 2017