TfL Changes Widely Derided 'Please Hold On' Announcement - Londoners Still Aren't Happy

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TfL Changes Widely Derided 'Please Hold On' Announcement - Londoners Still Aren't Happy

Nearly two weeks ago, TfL made the bold move on informing passengers that their buses are liable to move. Specifically with an announcement that said: "Please hold on, the bus is about to move". After. Every. Single. Stop.

People revolted. There was widespread anger in the streets, over this mind-numbing announcement invading the brains of Londoners, determined to point out the incredibly-bleeding-obvious. One of the main issues with the announcement? It often played when the bus was already moving. Much mockery ensued.

So TfL reacted. In its first move, it had the announcement play sooner, which meant the bus was usually still stationary when the announcement played (but not always). Now there's a fix for that too. The announcement's been reworded.

"Please hold on while the bus is moving."

It might seem like a subtle change, but there's something brilliant happening here. This announcement is technically always correct. Whether the bus is still or in motion when it plays, you should always hold on while the bus is moving. We say these eight holy words to ourselves all the time, knowing they are constantly true. When we're on the bus. In the office. In the pub. We whisper it to ourselves as we go to sleep at night.

The rest of London isn't so overwhelmingly positive:

You can expect to continue to hear this announcement until the end of TfL's four week trial, to improve health and safety on buses. So deep intake of breath London. We're not even halfway done yet.

Last Updated 26 January 2018

Geoff Lumley

On Thursday Mrs Bus Voice finally cracked on the 83. There were no 'please hold ons' at all but after every stop instead of saying "83 to Golders Green" she said "83 Thirlmere Garden Golders Green".

Then she took us on a magical mystery tour. She got Wembley Central Station correct but also announced "Elthorne Park Road" (the 83 hasn't been anywhere near there since the 1960s), "Central Middlesex Hospital", and some farm I had never heard of. She got some stops right but then, as I was preparing to get off at Wembley Park Station she said "Turnham Green Station".

I think it is time to send her Thirlmere Garden a retirement home.