London Buses Now Tell You They're About To Move... While Moving

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London Buses Now Tell You They're About To Move... While Moving

We all remember where we were when we first heard the immortal words: "Please hold on, the bus is about to move". We were on a bus, of course. A bus that was already moving.

TfL has come under a volley of commuter ire, at its latest attempts at passenger safety — an automated warning after every single bus stop, that the stationary vehicle you're on is about to become un-stationary — is both badly timed, and unnecessary in the first place.

As commuters, we've all found ourselves thrust into the lap of a stranger, or clutching on for dear life, while lugging a suitcase up the stairs, as the driver puts pedal to the metal. But isn't that just one of the vagaries of London life?

TfL doesn't think so: it says 3,000 passengers are injured on London's buses every year, due to slipping, tripping and falling — and this announcement is one way it believes that number can be diminished.

Still, the announcement isn't necessarily a permanent addition. Perhaps soon we'll be hearing another announcement: "This announcement is no longer in use."

Last Updated 15 January 2018

Harry Kobeans

Nanny state. Next it will be 'when leaving the bus, mind your arse on the step'.


Remind us how blind people are supposed to know when the bus is suddenly going to lurch forward.

Chris Rhythmdoctor

the repetitive, mistimed & therefore nonsensical announcements annoyed me so much on several journeys over the weekend that i complained to tfl by email & fb msg. i got a reply!
15 January 2018
Dear Mr ****
Thank you for your feedback form of 14 January about the ‘Hold On’ announcement on our bus network.
I’m sorry to hear you’ve found this to be annoying, and I understand how the repetitive nature of such announcements perhaps isn’t to everyone’s liking.
Passenger safety is our top priority so we've been trialling this announcement to assess if it helps reduce the number of people hurt ‎in slips and falls. Clearly there are some adjustments we need to make and we're working on that now. We will carefully monitor the trial to see how effective it is in reducing injuries.

Melvyn Windebank

I came across this last Friday on a 73 bus and even if it was properly timed it would still be another annoying announcement at every bus stop !

I doubt if an announcement would have made much difference the day a Jubilee Line train sped off and I did a Del Boy fall on the train sidewards onto the floor....

Geoff Lumley

Before the bus moves, there's a buzzing as the doors close. That tells you the bus is about to move. It always happens before the bus begins to move. It is a useful warning.
Then the bus moves. This tells you that the bus is about to tell you that the bus is about to move. It nearly always happens before the bus tells you it is about to. It is not a useful warning.

Michael Bundy

Wouldn't it be simpler to have an announcement to say " Please ignore these announcements ?"