Things To Do Today In London: Friday 3 March 2017

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Urban Food Fest deli at Selfridges

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Things to do today

URBAN FOOD FEST: The smash hit street food is heading indoors for the first time. Visit Selfridges Food Hall for the first day of the Urban Food Fest deli and taste delicious dishes from around the world. Selfridges, free (sadly the food isn't), just turn up, 9.30am-9pm

SILVERSMITHING FAIR: Head to Chelsea Old Town Hall to see the best in silversmithing and mixed media jewellery. Chelsea Old Town Hall, £6, just turn up, 10am-6pm

BUGGING NAZIS: During the second world war, British intelligence bugged the conversations of German prisoners of war for an upper hand. Dr Helen Fry examines this deceptive act. Bentley Priory Museum, £3, just turn up, 11am-noon

ISMS OF MODERN ART: The early modern period (1905-1915) was filled with a number of isms in the art world. Cubism, Orphism, Futurism, etc. all contributed to the birth of the ultimate ism: Modernism. This lecture investigates the proliferation of art movements during this era. Old Town Hall, Richmond, £12, book ahead, 11am-noon

MAKING NATURE: Drop into the Wellcome Collection's exhibition Making Nature for a tour and chat with its curator Honor Beddard on the process of putting it all together. Wellcome Collection, free, just turn up, 6pm-6.45pm

Isms of Modern Art at Old Town Hall

RECONSTRUCTING BONES: Guided by the hands of seasoned anthropologists, excavate, reconstruct and investigate five skeletal structures. Age 16+. Museum of London, £28/£21/£20, book ahead, 7pm

HOCKNEY AND MUSIC: The Tate Britain and Festival No. 6 are putting on a night to remember. You can see the fantastic David Hockney retrospective, enjoy live music from Blossoms, poetry from John Cooper Clarke and much more. Tate Britain, £69, book ahead, 7.30pm-11.55pm

GYM THEATRE: "Will has one true love but is it Bec or the gym?" Head to Pleasance Theatre for a semi-staged reading of A Gym Thing, a love story from an addict's point of view. Pleasance Theatre, £5, book ahead, 7.45pm

MUSICAL SATIRE: It's been a tough time for Mitch Benn. He's 46 and his childhood heroes are dropping like flies. How long can it be till the grim reaper comes knocking for him? Benn confronts death with hilarious musical consequences. Bloomsbury Theatre, £15/£13, book ahead, 8pm

KARAOKE: Bethnal Green Working Men's Club is keeping it simple with a karaoke night — time to show that you were always meant for superstardom. Free shots for people with the nerve to get up on stage. Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, free, just turn up, 8pm-1am

Art review: an electrifying exhibition

Nikola Tesla, 1901. Courtesy Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection takes on the vital energy source we all rely on. Charting humanity's history of believing God created lightning to the futuristic Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, via experiments with twitching frogs legs and the construction of the National Grid. This show is fascinating throughout and yet another success for the always brilliant Wellcome Collection. Electricity: The Spark of Life at Wellcome Collection. Until 25 June, free. ★★★★☆ (Tuesday-Sunday) Tabish Khan

Theatre review: not the sharpest axe in the tool shed

Photo: Soren Malmose

Based on the story of cause célèbre, Lizzie Borden, who may or may not have chopped up her parents in Victorian America, this Danish show is less a musical and more of a concert with minimal theatricality, consisting of alternating rock ballads and strident guitar numbers. Think of a particularly bizarre Eurovision Balkan entry that has been shopping at the tackier end of Camden Market and you'll get the picture. The four singers have fine voices but ultimately it's a blunt weapon. Lizzie, Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, SE10 8ES, £25/£20, until 12 March ★★☆☆☆ Chris Bridges

Good cause for the day

EXTREME VETTING: This comedy night presents seven comics from Trump's seven banned countries. All proceeds go to Refugee Action. Boondocks Diner, £5, book ahead, 7.30pm


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