Noooo! The World's Poshest Drop-Down Menu Has Disappeared

Noooo! The World's Poshest Drop-Down Menu Has Disappeared

Blame it on Corbynism. Blame it on Brexit. Maybe blame it on Londonist. But The World's Poshest Drop Down Menu is dead.

A sad day for Lieutenant Commanders everywhere

In 2015, we were delighted to discover, when contacting Harrods via their online form, that we were presented with a cornucopia of swanky titles to select from, including Princess, Viscountess, Wing Commander, Monsieur, Brigadier and Her Royal Highness. It read like a seating plan for a do at Buckingham Palace:

How we miss thee

Recently, though, some eagle-eyed Londonist readers informed us with the sad news that the online form has now been revised, to cover only Dr, Miss, Mrs and Ms. It might as well be bloody Tesco Online.

Why the revision? Maybe too many fake sheikhs were trying to nab perfume samples. Perhaps Harrods was touched by 2017's Corbyn-mania, and decided to make a gesture to the common man. Whatever the case, the Harrods website is now a slightly less fun place to be.

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Last Updated 06 April 2018

Jenny Draper

Don't worry, you can still pass yourself off as many of those titles at Greenwich Theatre, who still sends me their newsletter addressed to "La Vicomtesse"


Try the Royal Opera House. I was in holy orders for years, thanks to them.


"to cover only Dr, Miss, Mrs and Ms" What about Mr???

Lady Rimswell

This reminds me of the time I tried to order a Nectar card with name “Lady Rimswell”. The bastards sent it without a name printed on at all instead!