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London's Neon Lights

London's Neon Lights

Neon lights might be a Soho staple — but these days you'll find them dotted across the city - on art galleries, in shops, and even outside former toilets.

Here are some beautiful examples, both classic and contemporary, of neon signs, art, and lighting in London.

Shoreditch. Where else?
Source Rosiekhdir
Halfpipe London also do bikes.
Source Halfpipelondon
Start loving in Soho.
Source Maxhh
Classic neon in theatreland: The Mousetrap.
Source David24seven
Diner, this way.
Source Keeping Up With Kasia
Source Mattdelmar
Neon on New Bond Street.
Source June Chow
Classic London neon at the Hornsey Road Baths.
Source Bettymagazine
The door's open.
Source Mumhad1ofthose
Neon in Shoreditch.
Source Christopherlawson
Pink taco, anyone?
Source Alexanda
Tracy Emin.
Source Silverspoonattire
Gorgeous in green.
Source Alexanda
Gallery Mess at the Saatchi Gallery
Source Adonia
Brilliant ceiling neon in London.
Source Knittingsquids
Somerset House.
Source Somerset House
Source Alexanda
Source Wahnails
Source Amberlilyfryer
Camden is great.
Source Instagram
Source Cmhough
Source Dariosaquetti
Beautiful neon at the National Theatre.
Source Lucieloves
Food, this way.
Source Marte Marie Forsberg
Heartbreak Hotel opens on London's Southbank.
Source Mrwhisper
Watch This Space in Shoreditch.
Source Jonathantday
Neon lips in Soho.
Source Fernsta
Neon rainbow in the City of London.
Source Mattdelmar
Guess how much I love you?
Source Blondonboutique
Source T0tal Trash
Lessons given where?
Source Alexanda
Wild at heart in Westbourne Grove.
Source Instagram
Neon at Tate Modern.
Source Andrewdthorpe
White on white.
Source Haydesign
Concrete Bar on the Southbank.
Source Patmck0607
Simply Soho.
Source Convo Pieces
Wild at heart in Westbourne Grove.
Source Thecut
The aliens have invaded at King's Cross.
Source Miss Glassy
Love and liquor in London.
Source Sophiehiller
Source Wildboysandgirls
Shiny lights in Soho.
Source Jonathanchanuk
Peekaboo at Circus London.
Source Darren Black
Source Dariosaquetti
Just a couple more inches...
Source Pierpointhairdressing
Source Dariosaquetti
Source Sureambeautiful
Negroni, anyone?
Source Lizetta
Inside Somerset House.
Source Roselovering
Shoreditch, where else?
Source Aimz11
Lights of Soho
Source Girlvsglobe
Source Stylistmagazine
Neon and rain in London.
Source Christopherlawson
Billionaire boys club.
Source Hypebeast
Source Britbeautyblog
A neon rainbow in London.
Source Robertosobachi
God's Own Junk Yard on Brewer Street.
Source Tschang
Neon in Camden.
Source Jvphotoo
Dare to dream.
Source Jessicaesquires
Neon at London Grind.
Source Welovefoodtweet

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