London's Most Poignant Memorials

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London's Most Poignant Memorials

London is littered with memorials. From huge Victorian slabs to more delicate modern-day dedications; from the subtlety of a smart blue plaque to the emotive war-child-or-sick-animal sculpture, they're everywhere.

Here are a few of London's most poignant memorials.

The first of the "Dr Barnardos Homes" was opened in 1867 at 18 Stepney Causeway
Source Londonhistorian
National Submarine War Memorial, Victoria Embankment
Source Mandytjie
Postmans Park Memorial
Source Charlotte Is Living
38 Blenheim Crescent, South Croydon and the entrance to the David Lean Cinema
Source Londonist
Joseph Bazalgette on the Victoria Embankment. Bazalgette was resposible for the design and construction of London's sewer system, as well as the construction of Embankment itself.
Source Solarpatrick
King's Cross Station Memorial - names all the victims who lost their lives on 7/7
Source Flashbak
Victoria Memorial just outside Buckingham Palace
Source Tegold
Kindertransport Memorial, Liverpool Street
Source Notjustagranny
1987 Fire Memorial, King's Cross
Source London Prepared
Postmans Park Memorial
War Memorial, Euston Station
Source Londonist Com
War Memorial, SE London
Source Darkmewolf
Police Memorial, St James Park
Source Nicolagg
St James's Place
Source Ksegedin
Crimean War Memorial, Pall Mall
Source Nish Yay
Primrose Hill -commemorative plaque to Welshman Iollo Morganwg
Source Solarpatrick
Cenotaph, War Memorial, Whitehall
Source London
Farringdon Road - site of one Zeppelin attacks
Source Londonist
The Memorial Gates, Hyde Park
Source Tegold
Canada War Memorial, Green Park
Source Alpana.deshmukh
A series of plaques at the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice
Source Atlasobscura
Westminster Hall - plaque recording the trial of Thomas More
Source Colin Davey
Thomas Faryner, King Charles II's baker, had his house and bakery on Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire of London began.
Source Londonhistorian
Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial
Source Levanterman
Armed Forces Memorial, Westminster Abbey
Source Urbansquirrel
War Memorial, Borough High Street
Source London Se1 Community Website
The Victoria Memorial, Buckingham Palace
Source London
The Fire Fighters Memorial, Carter Lane Gardens
Source Mandytjie
Animals at War Memorial, Park Lane
Source Urbansquirrel
Bomber Command Memorial, Green Park
Source Sandra Lee
Animals in War Memorial, Park Lane
Source Hillside Vets
Fashionista and original metrosexual - Beau Brummell
Source Londonhistorian
Guards Memorial, Horse Guards
Source Conrad B Hart
Bloomsbury Square
Source Historylondon
Royal Air Force Memorial, Victoria Embankment
Source Mandytjie
British Navy War Memorial, Temple Gardens
Source Mandytjie
Barnes Neville Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb. 241 New Cross Road in New Cross, London, where Wallis lived from 1892 to 1909.
Source Londonhistorian
War memorial, King's Cross Station
Source Dr Katy Barrett
Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens
Source London
Antony Gormley unveils a new plaque in Hampstead
Source Peter Bazalgette
War Memorial, Royal Exchange
Source Radioleary

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