In Pictures: London's Oddest Street Names

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In Pictures: London's Oddest Street Names

London's a fascinating city with a distinctly chequered history. Some of that peculiar past is reflected in its street names. Here are some of our favourites (some of which are on the rude side — you've been warned).

Source Stephen Fry
You can't beat the real thing.
Source Christopherfowler
Bleeding Heart Yard, where Lady Elizabeth Hatton was allegedly murdered in.1626
Source Bundlr
Source Street Wise
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Source Faithanddavid
Because sometimes it's ridiculous
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Hello, KITT?
Source Placeilive
Source Fotolibra
Named for the birds. The birds!
Source Secretldn
See what you tried to do there
Source Flickriver
Shame it's not a crescent....
Source Ink361
For a whole street of clothes...
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Fancy living here?
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Last Updated 20 March 2017