Take On An Immersive Escape Room Challenge This Summer

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Take On An Immersive Escape Room Challenge This Summer

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Think you'd be a great addition to MI5? Now's your chance to become a secret agent and polish up your code-breaking skills. clueQuest has three epic escape room challenges to put your teamwork to the test this summer.

Get a group together and prepare for a day out with a difference. You'll have to complete your chosen mission in order to escape a locked room before it's too late. Think logic puzzles, codebreaking and some serious team coordination — be a spy for the day and find the clues to solve the mystery.

The only escape rooms to use augmented reality (AR), clueQuest's immersive experiences are designed to get your cogs properly whirring — the three missions all follow the adventures of Mr. Q and his arch-nemesis, Professor BlackSheep. Choose from PLAN52, Operation BlackSheep or Revenge of the Sheep, all of which are interconnected.

The PLAN52 mission requires you to track down the identity of a double agent, who has mysteriously caused four of Mr. Q's spies to disappear. The double agent has managed to reset the security device, so you'll have just 60 minutes to discover his identity and deactivate the device before the whole room detonates. Pressure much?

Or maybe Operation BlackSheep will be your challenge of choice? You and your team will need to infiltrate the command centre belonging to Mr. Q's enemy, Professor BlackSheep. The Professor has built a satellite that is due to launch into the earth's orbit and takeover everyone's minds. Destroy the satellite and get out of command centre within an hour, or face mass destruction.

clueQuest's trickiest escape room challenge is Revenge of the Sheep. Don't be fooled into the thinking this is a fluffy, innocent affair though — Professor BlackSheep is back to destroy mankind and turn us all into sheep.

He's built several SheepMutator devices, which will affect anyone within the reach of their evil rays — destroy these devices in just 60 minutes to avoid this scarily baaa-d fate.

At just £24 a person, and designed for teams of 3-6, clueQuest's escape rooms are a fun and challenging experience to have with your nearest and dearest — or maybe this team building challenge is exactly what your office colleagues need? Kids over 9 can also join in, making it the perfect family mission for a rainy day.

Just 10 minutes from King's Cross station, clueQuest's HQ is all set up for multiple games of the same mission, so there's plenty of room for everyone to play — ready to be a spy?

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Last Updated 10 August 2017