Things You Discover When You Move To London

Eleana Overett
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Things You Discover When You Move To London

What do you wish you'd known before you moved to London? What have you discovered since moving here that you'd never expected? Here are some of our favourite quotes — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

When you take the big red bus you will want to ride at the top because OMG YOU ARE IN LONDON, but you will nearly fall to your death trying to go up or down the stairs. Especially if you have been drinking, which is likely. Source Thoughtcatalog
In your first week, you might find that that initial London excitement has already begun to wear off. Source Buzzfeed
There is a McDonald’s on every street corner. Source Buzzfeed
You will notice that, yes, it rains a lot, meaning that after a particularly downpourious day there will be no greater feeling to you than the luxury of dry feet. Source Thoughtcatalog
You will talk about public transport a lot. Source Secretldn
If there is free food, you will zone in on it faster than a Russian missile. Source Secretldn
You’ll notice that people exercise in the weirdest places. Source Secretldn
You walk, a lot! Invest in comfy shoes, STAT. Source Londonnewgirl
Instead of visiting cool pop up restaurants, you'll end up eating at Pizza Express on a Wednesday more than is socially acceptable. Source Hannahgale
You will basically never make it anywhere without your Citymapper app. Source Londonnewgirl
Rent is even more expensive than you expected. Source Buzzfeed
No matter how chilled or relaxed you are when you get back to London from a holiday, the second your feet hit the ground you’re in a rush to get anywhere and everywhere, knocking people out of the way just to get through passport control. Source Londonnewgirl
Every time you go across the River Thames or down Regent Street you will realise, holy shit! I live in London Source Thoughtcatalog
Your job seems well-paid. Then you factor in London living expenses and suddenly it doesn’t seem so great anymore. Source Buzzfeed
If you're not originally from England, invariably you will adopt fancy Englishisms — words like “proper” or “lift” Source Thoughtcatalog
You will be charged the same price as a small vehicle for a vodka and orange. Forget a mortgage if you want a double. Source Buzzfeed
Going for a drink after work is not a “problem” and I can “stop” whenever I “want to”. Source Secretldn
You're ALWAYS in a hurry. Source Emlii
Much like driving, lessons and a license should be required for walking anywhere in London. If you don’t check your blind spots, you’re gonna cause a serious pile up on the pavement. Source Buzzfeed
You will never have enough time for all of your plans. Working late, Netflix and lie-ins will take up more time than you care to admit, sob. Cue chipped toenails, an empty fridge and an unused gym membership Source Hannahgale
Oxford and Piccadilly aptly have ‘Circus’ attached to their names. Source Buzzfeed
You’ll savor all the London facts you’ll learn, like the fact that the thing everyone thinks is London Bridge is not actually London Bridge. Source Thoughtcatalog
You become incredibly good at not staring at people that are drawing attention to themselves. Oh, theres a drunk middle aged man with no hair basically in my lap? I was reading Stylist, I had no idea Source Hannahgale
You will become the rude person that your mother did NOT bring you up to be (Sorry mum.) Source Secretldn
Walking across the Thames after a few too many work drinks will always make you feel emotional. I LIVE IN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CITY, I'M SO BLESSED. Source Hannahgale
You’ll become competitive with your friends about who has the shortest commute. Source Secretldn
Because London is so incredibly big, it doesn’t take much effort to make new friends. Source Buzzfeed
You will never have money, ever. How ever much you earn, your rent, cocktail intake and spontaneous holiday bookings will ensure you are entirely broke, always and forever. Source Hannahgale
Walking slower than 15mph is comparable to serious crime. Source Buzzfeed
Once you’ve seen all the landmarks once, it stops being as exciting. Source Buzzfeed
You will hate tourists. Source Secretldn
Taxi drivers will spare no thought for your life if you find yourself stuck in the middle of the road. Source Buzzfeed
You’ll realise that travelling anywhere outside of the M25 is like travelling to Mordor. Sort of. It’ll require walking, buses, tubes, trains, hovercrafts and jet-packs. Have fun. Source Hannahgale
Every time is a good time to drink alcohol. Source Emlii
You constantly feel the need to own an umbrella but you never really own one. Source Emlii
People who live in Brighton sometimes have a shorter commute than you do from Clapham Source Londonnewgirl
When friends visit you in your new home you will act like you are soooo cool, like you have been here forever. You will take them to the like 3 places you have actually been. Source Thoughtcatalog
On a swelteringly hot day you will make the risky decision to take the tube and you will step into the train anticipating air conditioned relief but instead you’re treated to a chunk of hot, stale funk. Bring a mask. Source Thoughtcatalog
You’ll notice that people drink at all times of the day. You’ll even see fabulous people carrying wine glasses and drinking out of them on Kingsland Road on a Friday night. Yaaaaasss. Source Thoughtcatalog
There's no way you're financially sound by the end of any month. Source Emlii
You’ll become a pro at walking. In heels, whilst eating a sandwich, texting, Instagramming, holding an umbrella, going up stairs AND not touching anyone. Olympic skills right there. Source Hannahgale
Colours in your wardrobe fade away because you're a little too embarrassed by the colourful clothes that you own. Source Emlii
London clothing stores hire impossibly good-looking people to work in them. Source Buzzfeed
If you already have a job, getting to it isn’t as quick and easy as you thought it would be. Source Buzzfeed
When you go out on the weekend during summer you will never know what time it is because it gets dark after 10pm and the sun comes out at 4am. Source Thoughtcatalog
You’ll go to Westfield once. And you’ll never go back again Source Secretldn
You're a pro at walking, no distance will ever seem long enough to take public transport anymore. Source Emlii
You’ll either have seen all the West End shows or none of the West End shows. There is no inbetween. Source Secretldn
Even after just a few days of traveling around London, you come up with your own transport hacks. Source Buzzfeed
London is FILLED with awesome things to do, but you don’t get round to doing them when you actually live there. Source Buzzfeed
Nobody talks to anybody on the tube. Source Buzzfeed
No matter how hectic, crazy or unaffordable London can get, you will fall in love and fiercely protect it when any non-Londoners try to slag it off. By this point, you’ve entered the equivalent stage of a committed relationship with London and in the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw, we can’t have nobody talkin’ shit about our boyfriend. Source Londonnewgirl
You’ll probably ask people how to get to Grossvenor Square or Mary-le-bone station, and they will just blank you. Source Buzzfeed
You will become the king/queen of deodorants. 24hr, stain-resistant, sweat-resistant, all-weather-including-hurricanes-and-snowstorms-resistant. Source Secretldn
You will knock on death’s door probably 25 times before you finally learn to look in the right direction for oncoming traffic. Source Thoughtcatalog
You’ll never visit Oxford Street or Marble Arch Primark stores. Ever. Unless you want to die. Or lose a leg in a pushchair ramming accident. Source Hannahgale
It’s okay to sit in McDonalds all alone and eat a large meal. Whether you’re hungover, drunk or just a bit peckish. No-one will judge and it’s not embarrassing. Phew. Source Hannahgale
Yes, the tube is a great invention. Yes, this is reflected by how much it costs to travel anywhere on it. Source Buzzfeed
Finding an affordable flat with actual space, a clean bathroom and good flat mates is like finding a fucking unicorn. Source Londonnewgirl
Commuting across London takes thirty minutes minimum. Everywhere in London takes at least 30 minutes. Standard journey time. Source Londonnewgirl
You’ll see a sushi hot dog and you won’t bat an eyelid. Source Secretldn
Even though London is incredibly big, you’ll probably feel incredibly lonely. Source Buzzfeed
You'll think anyone who doesnt walk with the pace of being chased deserves a firm kicking Source Hannahgale
A tube strike is a real thing that can just happen out of the blue. Source Buzzfeed
You wont ever be able to go to the Natural History Museum. The queue (made up entirely of excited tourists who will bump into you constantly if you try and join said queue) will terrify you Source Hannahgale
Your apartment is likely to be remarkably different to what you imagined. Source Buzzfeed
On Saturday, the day you left aside for all of your London adventures, you’ll probably camp out in bed because you’re way too tired. Source Buzzfeed
Drinking will seem perfectly acceptable at all times. School nights dont exist and youll find yourself necking 2-4-1 martinis on a Monday night without a care in the world. Youll only notice that things might not be quite so wonderful when your doctor asks how many units you get through in a week. Oh Source Hannahgale
Children taking up seats on the tube/talking loudly/crying at rush hour will always make your blood boil so much you'll swear you'll never have kids. That, or only ferry them around by car. Source Hannahgale
Finding a flatmate will be like going on 25 different Tinder dates. Source Thoughtcatalog
You’ll probably forget you were once a tourist. By Friday, you’ll be tutting at the tourists too Source Buzzfeed
Even though you’re still just finding your feet, your old pals will be in envy of all your London Instagrams. Source Buzzfeed
Every time you have to lug a weekly shop back from Tesco you'll have a mild asthma attack, become a weight lifting pro and remember how much you miss your car. All that before swearing you'll order it online next time. Source Hannahgale
People always talk about the weather in London and so will you. It is often cloudy and grey here, and sometimes there will be torrential downpour, bombastic clouds, chilly wind and warm sunshine in one hour. When the sun comes out for a full day, people go apeshit. Source Thoughtcatalog
The How Many People Can You Fit in a Mini? game is replicated on the underground. It’s truly incredible how many people can fit into one tube carriage. Source Buzzfeed
Those outside London will imagine your life to revolve around cocktails on roof terraces, dinners at the latest pop up restaurants and a lot of time pounding Oxford Street and Harrods. In reality you'll spend a lot of time under the duvet watching Breaking Bad. Although you'll only post the former on social media, because, y'know, its fun to create an illusional persona isn't it? Source Hannahgale
Keeping on top of all the new things opening up is pretty much impossible and there will be hundreds of pop ups, restaurants, exhibitions, gigs, bars, giant adult ball pits and owl cafes that you talk about going to and never do. Source Londonnewgirl
Life in London is crazy. The food is crazy, the events are crazy, people are crazy, YOU will become crazy. But honestly? You wouldn’t have it any other way Source Secretldn
Tutting is a form of communication. Source Buzzfeed
Arranging to meet someone at the Topshop on Oxford Street is not a good idea. Source Buzzfeed
You’ll stand on the left – and you’ll regret it. Source Secretldn
You will have permanent black snot and/or bogies. And you won’t question it. Source Secretldn

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