London's Most Unusual Christmas Food This Year

Laura Reynolds
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London's Most Unusual Christmas Food This Year

'Tis the season for indulgence, but London has upped its game since the days of limp Christmas sandwiches and lukewarm Christmas coffees. Among the many festive menus popping up in the capital's restaurants are a few extravagant and quite frankly ridiculous offerings, born predominantly of the food PR industry jumping on the Christmas bandwagon.

Festive fondue at The Cheese Bar.

Deep-fried Christmas pudding

Is there no end to the things people will batter? Sutton and Sons fish and chip shop — the venue which has previously served up battered Creme Eggs — has decided to batter its Christmas puddings this year. For £4.50 you can tuck into a battered Christmas pudding with brandy cream. Not filling enough? Bulk up your meal with some battered Brussel sprouts for £2.50. The branches in Stoke Newington, Islington and Hackney Central are serving this Christmas menu 11-31 December.

The mince pie croissant at Paul

French patisserie Paul is combining two staples, the mince pie and the croissant to produce... well, the mince pie croissant. Opinion is split on this one at Londonist Towers, but it's one of the cheaper options on this list (£1.75), so why not give it a try?

Christmas burger at All Star Lanes

All Star Lanes

London's not short of Christmas burgers — they're almost as prevalent as the trusty Christmas sandwich these days. We merely offer you All Star Lanes' concoction as a example. You'll find a turkey, chestnut and cranberry patty in there, along with a layer of duck fat roasted potato salad, topped with a sausage and apricot stuffing fritter. That's a pretty mild example though; check out this offering from MeatUP (available from mid-December), which involves turkey, bacon, pigs in blankets, stuffing, sprouts, brie, cranberry sauce and gravy. It's all held together with a candy cane:

The Christmas burger at MeatUp

Break the Bank at Heliot Steak House

How much would you pay for your Christmas meal? £100? £200? What about £1000? That's the cost — per person — of the Break The Bank menu at Heliot Steak House. It's a six-course menu, the highlights of which are a U.S. dry-aged prime fillet wellington with white Alba truffle and a Barolo wine sauce, and Hokkaido snow beef with morel mushrooms and a smoked bone marrow sauce. Canapés, wines and champagne are all thrown in, and the chef introduces each course personally. Finish off with options including a chocolate cylinder coated in gold leaf, or white and silver chocolate truffles.

Hipchips Christmas dinner

The Soho restaurant that only serves crisps is extending its speciality to the festivities, with the 'Christmas Dinner Box'. They missed a trick by not calling it the Crispmas Box. Think five different types of "handcrafted, heritage" crisps, accompanied by dips including smoked salmon, pickled cucumber, turkey and Christmas pudding. Underwhelmed? Yeah, us too. Head to Tesco instead if you want to see crisps get really wild.

The Christmas Dinner Lasagna

Lasagna-only restaurant Mister Lasagna has a rather limited when it comes to offering special festive dishes — so of course, it's offering up the Christmas Dinner Lasagna: turkey, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, pancetta and caramelised red onions, layered with a béchamel and cranberry sauce. It'll set you back £5.90 and is available at all four London stores until Christmas.

Goose Fat Caramel at Paul A Young

The chocolatier that brought us the Marmite truffle has produced his latest concoction: Goose Fat Caramel. It's "made using Guittard Chocolate’s fruity and nutty 91% Cacao Nocturne Extra Dark Chocolate, the filling comprises of goose fat, Billington’s unrefined sugar, cream and Maldon Sea Salt". It's available from all three branches of Paul A Young, if you're tempted.

Cheesy Christmas dinner

Not a fan of Brussels sprouts? How about dipping them in cheese? Head to The Cheese Bar in Camden for the festive fondues where you can dip sprouts, roast potatoes and even pigs in blankets in cheese.

Tried any of these? Know any other unusual Christmas foods available in London? Let us know in the comments.

Last Updated 05 December 2017