In Photos: London's Tiniest Places

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In Photos: London's Tiniest Places

They don't make diamonds as big as they make bricks. And these tiny London places are proof you can pack a lot of value into a small space...

This extremely small room is at One Marylebone.
Source Feetapart
The tiny Attendant Café, formerly a WC
Source Styleslicker
Lavender Green Flowers, South Kensington
Source Exploringlondon
A tiny (temporary) disco in Shoreditch.
Source Wonderlustinglynda
Ever noticed London's smallest police station? OK, it was never actually a station - just an outlook post
Source Handpicked London
Bateman Street, 1910. Note the 'smallest shop in London' trading from the basement
Source Max
The Finborough Theatre, one of the smallest in London.
Source Finboroughtheatre
Have you ever found this small ice cream van?
Source Lightreflects
One of London's smallest houses, as seen in 1909. Dwarfed by its neighbours, 10 Hyde Park Place measures just three feet and six inches wide.
Source Londonhistorian
Source Accidentallondoner
This Lewisham phone box has been turned into a small library
Source Lynda Daboh
Mark's Bar claims to be the smallest cocktail bar in London - find it at the men's shoes department at Selfridges & Co
Source Theofficialselfridges
They pack a lot of coffee into this small van...
Source Jeera
A tiny library in Finsbury Park.
Source Ace London
Is this the Notting Hill Carnival's smallest sound system?
Source Instagram
One of London's tiniest beer bars can be found right in the heart of town
Source London Beer City
The Thin House located in Thurloe Square in Knightsbridge.
Source Christopherfowler
Always a good idea, even on one of London's smallest roads: this is near Fenchurch Street Station.
Source Feetapart
This small swimming pool was spotted at the London Bike Show.
Source Raphanocturne
A tiny bench in the Olympic Park.
Source Randomly London
One of the cutest and smallest coffeeshops in London is in Regent's Park.
Source Msmartinanatali
Keystone Crescent, off of Caledonian Road, was built in 1855 and is the smallest crescent road in Europe.
Source Londonhistorian
Catherine Wheel Alley is a Bishopsgate alleyway.
Source Ch4rleyb4rley
This is Brydges Place alley, off St Martin’s Lane, with one end clocking in at a claustrophobic 15 inches wide.
Source Christopherfowler
Was this the smallest shop in London?
Source Old Pics Archive
The Ostler's Hut in Lincoln's Inn is the smallest listed building in London.
Source Miladysboudoir
Lovefone turns UK's disused phone booths into tiny repair shops
Source Dezeen

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