In Pictures: Grouchy Signs Of London

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In Pictures: Grouchy Signs Of London

Sometimes, a quiet word in a fellow Londoner's ear just won't cut it. That's when the grumpy signs come out. Sarcastic, grouchy, or just plain witty, we wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of these Londoners (warning: some of these signs are quite sweary).

Seems legit
Source Technically Ron
Source Patrick Dalton
Southwark Street
Source Matthew Idea
Source Sugarfreegum
Source The Swift, Putney
Source Stig Abell
Source Huffingtonpost
Source Technically Ron
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Source Gagbay
Source Counselorssoapbox
Cheeky signs
Source London Underground
The Bell, which is apparently not in Shoreditch
Source Naive2
Source Patrick Dalton
Source Jesterjohnf
Source Robingafur
Source Thetango
Source Londonmunchies
Because London is extremely honest
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Doyce Street, near London Bridge
Source Ed Snowdon
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Last Updated 21 March 2017