Best Of Londonist: 7 January 2018

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

When Is Crossrail Opening?

Can you use Oyster cards on Crossrail?

A Tube Map of London Salaries

Does this reflect what you earn?

Lots of People Won't Be Wearing Trousers on the Tube This Sunday...

Lovely weather for it...

Thought London Just Had One Transport Museum? Think Again

Sit in a Spitfire, drive a tube or ride a miniature railway.

This Photographer Captured Empty Central London on Christmas Day

We can't take our eyes off these creepy photos.

Why on Earth Did They Bulldoze the Old Euston Station?

Out with the old.

Enjoy Dinner With a View at These Sky-High London Restaurants

We have high expectations ...

Here's What Londoners and Tourists Really Think of the DLR

The people have spoken.

We've Pitted London Against New York City to Determine Which Metropolis Is Better

Could New York replace London as our favourite city?

This Is What a Human Would Have to Look Like to Survive a Car Crash

Pokemon Go and a universal translator.

The District Line Definitely Doesn't Stop at This Tower Hill

"Look at the dignity that these houses possess".

Why We've Got a London Grave to Thank for the Phone Box

Heard about London's 'Nazi' dog grave?

Meet the London Burger of Herculean Proportions

Lambeth is home to this beast.

Here's What the City of London Could Look Like in 2026

Heard of The Trellis?

Near Waterloo? Here Are Over 30 of the Best Food and Drink Places in the Area

Tuck in.

Ever Noticed This Symbol on London's Bridges?

The 13th century organisation that's still going.

Why the Hell Do People Go to Medieval Banquets?

Oh, the communal chicken.

Why Is This Apple Store on Regent Street Adorned With an Intricate Mosaic?

Blink and you'll miss it.

TfL Has 900 Cameras Watching London's Roads... This Map Shows Them All

See if you can time it so that your mate clocks your car...

The Men Who Lived in a Van for Three Months to Finance Their Dream - Which Is Now an Empire

Love the UK's board game boom? Well you have these guys to thank for it.

Stuck for Dinner Ideas Tonight? How About Going for a Korean?

Korean food is hot right now.

The Reopening Date for Custom House DLR Station Has Been Announced... And It's Soon


Can You Get 10/10 on Our DLR Anagram Quiz?

Which station has the anagram 'creeping rent'?

In Pictures: London Bridge's 5 New Platforms

Works began in 2013.

9 Child Friendly Restaurants in London

Because families deserve a good time too

We Talk Art, Gentrification and Ridley Road Market With Artist Lucinda Rogers

How has London changed over the last 20 years?

These Two London Buildings Spawned a Classic Idiom

There's a violent predecessor to the Oxbridge Boat Race tucked away in this idiom.

La Tagliata Comes to Fitzrovia

Graceful under pressure.

The Family-Run Hat Shop Founded Just 10 Years After the Great Fire of London

Hats fit for a King (and a Queen, and a Prime Minister, and a playwright ...)

Coming Soon: Ivo Graham's Educated Guess

Ivo, only more so.