Best Of Londonist: 18 June 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

In Pictures: London's Hidden Beauty Spots

Ever stop and appreciate the hidden beauty in your surroundings?

The Strangest Things Spotted in London

The weird and wonderful spotted in London

Where in London Are These Ships Made of Concrete?

London's eastern extremity hides a wartime secret.

A Look at London's Football Grounds

Looking back at moments in history: London's football grounds

What Made the News in 1990s London?

The internet arrived in Downing Street in 1996

8 Bits of Important Graffiti and Street Art

Walls that captured the imagination.

Londoners in Horror Fancy Dress on the Tube

Screw being on a train with a clown...

London Had a Wobbly Bridge Over 100 Years Ago

A temporary bridge that hung around for 8 years.

Photos of Our Favourite London Guerrilla Graffiti

Tube trickeries and rogue street signs.

How Do Rainbow Streets Happen?

One of Kentish Town's "worst streets for immorality" is now its best street for Instagrammers

Meet London's Ice Cream Sellers

"Anything nostalgic is popular - raspberry ripple always does well."

Exclusivity: Members Only Clubs in 1960s London

Indulgence at its finest.

A Family Tree of London Bollards

Our latest post is all about posts...

This Eccentric London House Inspired a Mary Poppins Character

Bring a whole new meaning to 'ship shape'.

7 Internet Radio Stations That Are Ripping Up the Rule Book

DIY radio is all the rage now.

Best and Brilliant Quotes About London

Do you love/loathe London as much as these people do?

A Celebration of Borough Market's Pubs

An area full of pubs.

Inside That Odd-Looking Church at Barbican

Plus the Rick Wakeman link.

London's Best Brunches With Asian Influences

Asian influenced brunches to tickle your tastebuds

Weekend Walks: The Wandle From Morden to the Thames

Water wheely great way to spend a Sunday

Where to Find the Best Sliders in London (Nom Nom)

Bitesize bundles of joy.

The Funeral of Wellington

An incredible turnaround considering his house was once stoned.

Cocktails With a Side of the Krays at This Top-Notch Bar

Your next night out, sorted.

"My Grandad Painted This East London Car Art 60 Years Ago"

Spotted by a Londonist reader who has a very special connection with it

Why Is London Here?

And why is London Bridge where it is?

The Horses of Mincing Lane

We spent half an hour trying to feed them sugar lumps... nothing

5 Surprising Things You'll Find in St Margaret Pattens

It's the equivalent of calling a church 'St Margaret Converses'

Love Paranoid Android? You Need to See This Video

Beanie hats off to Old Dirty Brasstards

London Is the Tech Capital of Europe - Let's Keep It That Way

"Like the silver Terminator chasing Arnold Schwarzenegger, technology couldn't care whether Theresa May can maintain a stable government or not."

A Joyous Exhibition of Abstract Art at Tate Modern

A forgotten gem of an artist.

Brockley's Been Lathered in Colourful Murals

An excellent reason to visit SE4.

8 Exhibitions to See, and 3 to Avoid This Month

A disappointingly bland effort from the V&A.

Celebrate Dustin Hoffman's Best Films at BFI Southbank

Head to the BFI.

Go Inside Europe's Oldest Surviving Operating Theatre

A dose of hospital history

Review: The Midnight Apothecary Cocktail Bar

Floral cocktails in a candlelit garden

A Brief History of the Tube Being 'Too Hot for Cattle'

Is it tabloid hyperbole?

Basque in Summer Flavours at the Tapas Room

A tiny kitchen punching well above its weight

Dose Up on Summer Vibes at Boom Burger

A small menu, but these guys know what they're doing.

This Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Map Is Helping Grenfell Fire Victims

100% of money raised in June goes to charity.

Help Fix This Beautiful Observatory

Greenwich gem has leaky roof.

Buskers: Last Few Days to Enter This Competition

Allons y.

How to Help Those Affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire

Online crowdfunding is currently the best means to help people.

Tour Battersea Power Station With the Architect in Charge of Its Refurbishment

An exclusive chance to take an inside look at the development.

Londonist Readers Tell Us About Their London

"A guy walking past helped fish me out, but he was crying with laughter. Embarrassing..."

City in for Softer Brexit Following May's Election Flop?

More remain backers in government.

Put Your Questions to Sadiq Khan, Face to Face

State of London Debate at The O2.

TfL Launches A.I. TravelBot

A new challenger to Citymapper and Google Maps?

A Whirlwind Tour of the Food Festival

A whirlwind tour of the food festival...