Best Of Londonist: 14 May 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

In Pictures: Secret London Places

Preserved bodies and tunnels under the Thames

The Future of London's Transport... Predicted in 1988

A figure-of-eight tube line?

Hope You're Hungry; Try One of London's Best Beast Burgers

Bigger is always better

Will 'The Elizabeth Line' Really Stick as a Name?

It's time to have this debate

Fascinating Photos of London in the 1930s

That old East End staple, jellied eels.

Fascinating Photos of London in 1961

Including the Hammersmith flyover under construction.

In Photos: London in 1966

Including the opening of Tesco in Brixton

Pictures of London in 1959

Buses, bridges, bars...

Ghost Station Demolished... For a Good Reason

Farewell to City Road tube station.

Fascinating Photos of London in 1930

What the Docks looked like before City Airport

London's Historic Cafes

Submerge yourself in the past at these old timers.

Which of These London Facts Are Utter Bullshit?

Is Centre Point really the centre of London?

In Pictures: London's Iconic Buses

Did we get your favourite?

Where to See the Ancient Wonders in London

Pyramids and hanging gardens...

Why Does Camden Have a Bridge Over Nothing?

Seems pointless, so we dug deeper.

11 Fun Facts About London's Millennium Bridge

Yes, it used to wobble; but do you know why?

Take a Tour of London Locations Connected to the Beatles

In the footsteps of the Fab Four

Fascinating Photos of London in 1957

The circus arrived in town.

How Many of London's Best Street Signs Have You Spotted?

The bossy, the hilarious, and the downright bizarre.

London's Most Haunted Hotel


Ever Been Along the Brentford Golden Mile?

Many were built to get around trade tariffs....

Why Are So Many London Parks Royal?

Who owns them today?

In Photos: Londoners During the War

Including many bomb shelters still standing today

8 Victorian Themed Bars in London

Historically-inspired cocktails and antique urinals.

London's Most Glamorous Bars

Elegance all round.

London's Best Community Gardens

Find out where.

Inside the Chelsea Pensioners' Club

"We hate bingo, and we come in and make as big a nuisance of ourselves as we can."

Which Borough Pays the Highest Average Salary?

Centre for London investigation.

London to New York in Just Over 3 Hours? It Could Happen Soon

Another supersonic era on the horizon?

The London Croupiers Who Don't Care if You Lose Your Money

"You get people trying to make a tenner last all day."

A Walk Around the Area of East London That Inspired Oliver Twist

Discover Fagin's den.

How King's Cross Was Nearly Home to a Forest of Monkeys

You couldn't make it up...

The Camden Assembly

The Barfly, revamped.

A Night of Translated Fiction at the British Academy

Check out Literature Week.

9 Exhibitions to See (And 2 to Avoid) in London This Month

Do you agree with our reviews?

Review: Pink Floyd Rock Up at the V&A

A psychedelic treat for the ears and eyes.

Booze Delivered to Your Door in 30 Minutes? Check Out KOL

For when a night in is calling.

28 Things to Do for Under £5 in London This Week

Classic cars and Sicilian food.

Giacometti at Tate Modern: A Spindly Sculpture Spectacular

A fantastic exhibition

It's Finally Getting Cheaper to Rent in London

Good news for London's renters.

'Can of Ham' Tower Finally Arises

A meaty building.

Review: Angels in America Makes Heavenly Theatre

A Gay Fantasia.

Review: Farber Brings Fresh Life to Salomé

A classic with a novel twist.

Brand New Crossrail Trains Are Almost Here

Sleek new trains are here

Museum of London to Get Thameslink Viewing Platform?

But will it cause further delays?