In Photos: London In 1937

Eleana Overett
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In Photos: London In 1937

1937 was the year of union jack-waving street parties for King George VI's coronation, the first ever televised football match between Arsenal and Arsenal Reserves, and the introduction of the 999 emergency phone line.

Cycle engineer riding the world's smallest bicycle through the city of London
Source Lost in History
Gracie Fields sings to the workers at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London
Source Davenant
Odeon Cinema, Parsons Hill, Woolwich, London, 1937
Source Pinterest
Billingsgate, 1937
Source London Life
Source Old London
The Royal Navy submarine HMS Starfish passes Tower Bridge in London on its way to St Katharine's Dock, 7 May
Source Bbc
A windy evening on London Bridge, 1937
Source Rob Baker
In 1937 a Mitsubishi Kamikaze-g aircraft landed at Croydon Airport. It was the first Japanese-built aircraft to fly from Japan to Europe
Source Londonhistorian
The Lyceum Theatre in the Strand.
Source The Ripper
Cambridge Circus, Charing Cross Road in 1937
Source Amateur Casual
Battersea Power Station, 1937
Source Lambeth Walker
Laurence Olivier playing Iago in Othello, Old Vic
Source Vamuseum
Waterloo Station, Milk Bar
Source Rob Baker
St Pancras station, Arsenal fans, 1937
Source Stpancrasinternational
British Museum underground station, 1937
Source Old London
Westminster Underground station, 1937
Source Old London
Hampstead Heath fair, 1937
Source London Life
Waterloo Station
Source Old London
Penguins at London Zoo
Source Krista Madden
Women clash with policemen beside a barricade after riots broke out at a fascist rally
Source Old London
Arthur Coulston and Betty Kirby-Green complete their record breaking flight from South Africa to Croydon Airport, 1937
Source Burberry
The first live televised football match; between Arsenal and Arsenal Reserves. London
Source Lost in History

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