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How Much Of The City Do You Recognise In These London Artworks?

How Much Of The City Do You Recognise In These London Artworks?
London's fantastic skyline is part of the #LondonIsOpen campaign. Copyright the artist.

You may not have heard of artist Paul Catherall, but you've probably seen his work.

The Art Deco Hoover building out in Perivale. Copyright the artist.

It's regularly used in Transport for London's posters, and one of his works is currently being used in the #LondonIsOpen campaign —  you may even be sitting across from one of these posters while reading this article.

Battersea Power Station towers above us. Copyright the artist.

Ealing is the place to be to see a collection of his works, at the For Arts Sake gallery. The gallery will be holding an exhibition of his prints featuring many recognisable London landmarks.

The well known St. Paul's meets the lesser known Voysey House. Copyright the artist.

Catherall's bold and simple works, often looking up or out across London, give the impression of wonder as he looks upon the city.

Two very different towers meet from BT to the Barbican. Copyright the artist.

Paul Catherall's Linocuts are on display at For Arts Sake, 45 Bond Street, Ealing W5 5AS. The exhibition runs from 28 April - 21 May 2017, entrance is free.

Last Updated 10 April 2017