10 London Lectures You Will Love

Heard of our sponsor Funzing? This online community of local Londoners offers quirky experiences to suit everyone. It's a chance to get involved in an activity you've never done before with an experienced host. Feel like trying something different this November? We've rounded up the Funzing events proving most popular with Londoners right now.

Bitcoin and Ethereum for Dummies

Have you heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum? Perhaps because it's been in the news a lot recently due to spectacular price rises. But what exactly is Bitcoin? How is Ethereum different? Is it too late to get involved, or is this just the beginning? In this talk, Owen Barnes will cover the essentials of cryptocurrencies, assuming you have no prior technical knowledge. By the end you should have the tools and confidence you need to participate in the biggest technological shift since the creation of the Internet. Get tickets

Christmas Film Nights Love Actually

Nothing says Christmas like a special screening of everyone’s favourite love story: Love Actually. The film will be accompanied by a fun and fascinating talk about the psychology of love from evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin, giving you a great insight into why some of us are luckier in love than others. And as an extra special festive treat, every ticket includes a glass of mulled wine, a mince pie and a very festively decorated venue.  Get tickets

How To Remove Negative Memories

Is a real life Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind actually possible? Can you really erase your past to have a better present and future? Can you go as far as altering your identity by changing your memories? If we are the sum total of our experiences then our memory defines us. What if we were able to change or even remove our past memories, what impact would that have on our present state of mind? Join Matt, a clinical hypnotherapist and IEMT practitioner, in this no-nonsense talk, designed to help you solve your problems. Get tickets

How To Build Emotional Intelligence

Research shows that emotional intelligence is responsible for 80% of the success in people's lives. LDN Talks @ Night present Aimee, teaching you how to understand the role emotional intelligence plays in your life and how to improve yours. Get tickets

The Science of Sleep

LDN Talks @ Night present Richard Wiseman, a man on a mission. That mission? Putting the world to sleep. He's spent the last year uncovering the secrets of the sleeping mind. Come along to hear what he's discovered. Get tickets

Is Monogamy Dead?

Get tickets

Fly First Class for Free

Anyone can travel the world in style for next to nothing. You just need to know how! Our friends at Funzing UK are organising a unique talk with Nicky, aka The Miles Mogul. He's a music lawyer, photographer, traveller and most importantly air miles Guru. Come along and hear stories from Nicky's first class adventures and leave knowing how to do it yourself on a shoestring. This is a unique chance to learn the secret hacks and tips he's gathered over the years on how to travel in the ultimate style without breaking the bank. Get tickets

Bitcoin and Ethereum for Dummies

Do you know what Bitcoin and Ethereum is? Have you been following along with spectacular price rises? Is it too late to get involved, or is this just the beginning? Owen Barnes' talk will teach you everything you need to know, even if you have no technical knowledge to start with. By the end you should have the tools and confidence you need to participate in the biggest technological shift since the creation of the Internet. Get tickets

Make The Most Of The British Museum On This Brilliant Tour

Track the journey of humanity through this tour around the British Museum. The tour aims to help you understand why the world is the way it is, and show how humans learned to question absolutely everything. Get tickets

The Madness of Happiness

This year has seen an increased focus on the mental health of the nation by politicians, schools, businesses and even the Royal Family. Is our quest for happiness driving us mad? In this talk I’ll look at the facts, figures, science and practice of mental health. I’ll also discuss perspectives from existential philosophy and existential psychotherapy, evolutionary psychology and my personal history. Expect an entertaining, informative and provocative evening with some strong language because this stuff really host, Phil Pearl, off. Get tickets