10 Unique Relationships Experiences in London You Will Love

Heard of our sponsor Funzing? This online community of local Londoners offers quirky experiences to suit everyone. It's a chance to get involved in an activity you've never done before with an experienced host. Feel like trying something different this April? We've rounded up the Funzing events proving most popular with Londoners right now.

Unveil The Full Body Orgasm

Become more connected to your body and learn how to express yourself sexually is this workshop open to both males and females. Fully clothed and without touch, you'll learn how to utilise ancient practices to build a strategy to experience a full-body orgasm whenever you feel like it. Get tickets

The Neuroscience of Love

Join evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin for a fun and fascinating look at the psychology of love, giving you a great insight into why some of us are luckier in love than others. She will use the results of cutting edge research in the fields of neuroscience, genetics, evolutionary theory and psychology to explain what happens in our brains when we fall in love and how this affects how we feel and behave when we are in love. Get tickets

Go Speed Dating in Mayfair (Ages 24-36)

Tired of trying to find the perfect partner online? Bring dating back into the real world with this speed dating event at Mayfair's Fifty9 Bar. The aim of the dating game here is to have fun in a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. With around 18-20 dates on average, this is one of Robert and his team's busiest events of the week meaning your 3-4 minute dates will be whizzing around in no time! Matches are emailed the following day, and if you don't click with anyone at the time then your next event is free. Easy peasy.  Get tickets

Confidence Courage Training Tours

Ever considered courage training? It's like a gym workout... for your confidence. If you've ever experienced social anxiety or wanted to shed your shyness, this tour might just be the support you need. Joe's a stand-up comedian, offering a tour of Oxford Street designed to challenge your shyness, push your comfort zones and increase your confidence in social situations. With a series of activities and tips, this tour aims to help you tackle your anxiety and take a step towards becoming a calmer, more confident person.  Get tickets

A Gentle Introduction to Kink & BDSM

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Shhh Dating - Flirting Games, Eye Gazing, No Talking!

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How to Create Social Circles in LDN

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Let Your Mate Choose Your Date

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Speed Dating in Balham (Ages 23-35)

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Drunk Jenga Speed Dating @ Nordic Bar (Ages 23-35)

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