10 Unique Health and Wellbeing Experiences in London You Will Love

Heard of our sponsor Funzing? This online community of local Londoners offers quirky experiences to suit everyone. It's a chance to get involved in an activity you've never done before with an experienced host. Feel like trying something different this March? We've rounded up the Funzing events proving most popular with Londoners right now.

Become Robin Hood for the Day in an Archery Class

See if you can hit bullseye with an archery lesson in London Bridge. Maybe you'll be the next Robin Hood... Get tickets

Step into Beijing and Learn to Make Dumplings

Learn the authentic way to make Chinese dumplings. Ally is from Beijing and wants to share the art of making delicious dumplings. Once your creation is finished, it won't last long as you'll be desperate to wolf down your work. Get tickets

Unveil The Full Body Orgasm

Become more connected to your body and learn how to express yourself sexually is this workshop open to both males and females. Fully clothed and without touch, you'll learn how to utilise ancient practices to build a strategy to experience a full-body orgasm whenever you feel like it. Get tickets

The Bloomsbury Loo Tour

Passionate about plumbing? This toilet-tour explores the history of London loos, from the early sanitary reformers through to the impact of public toilets on women's rights. Your journey will take you from Euston to Holborn, through educational institutions and pubs with fantastic facilities. You'll cover some of the surprising social and political history of the humble toilet, and of course, learn about some of the best bathrooms of modern-day Bloomsbury...  Get tickets

Secret Gin Run

Gin run, anyone? Jog a scenic 10 kilometre route, keeping yourself hydrated with gin (obviously) and discovering the gin history of London.  Get tickets

Laughter Yoga Wellbeing Workshop

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Makeup & Skincare Masterclass

Perfect your skin base, create a flawless finish with your makeup and add some colour to brighten your look - before getting the wow factor for those all important work parties and nights out. The Seventa Image Academy intensive Makeup & Skincare Group Masterclass is your ticket to learning all the correct application techniques, including cleansing of the face, choosing the correct foundation, contouring and highlighting and perfecting the smokey eye.  Get tickets

How the Mind Heals your Body

Learn to harness your mind to help your health and wellness. The placebo effect is scientifically proven fact and it's not an anomaly. There are many ways positive thinking can be of benefit to you in everyday life. Get tickets

Full Moon Magic Ceremony

Join a full moon ceremony and uncover how to fully appreciate the cycles of nature, and how these align with the cycles of our own bodies. Simply, the full moon is a time when our energy peaks - a time of fruition, a time of perception, a time of strength. In this ritual experience, Ena and Gammadian will take you on a beautiful journey guided by the moon, lead a guided meditation and create a safe space in which to reflect, relax and grow in the company of like-minded people.  Get tickets

Tea Tasting Tour in Shoreditch

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