10 Unique Family Experiences in London You Will Love

Heard of our sponsor Funzing? This online community of local Londoners offers quirky experiences to suit everyone. It's a chance to get involved in an activity you've never done before with an experienced host. Feel like trying something different this September? We've rounded up the Funzing events proving most popular with Londoners right now.

A Secret London Tour

Cross gas lit alleyways and stroll by ancient pubs as you discover forgotten parts of London. See the world's smallest police station and visit London's most superstitious hotel on a walking tour covering everything weird, wonderful and London. £12 Get tickets

Forgotten Old London

Tales of torture and plagues await you on a historical walk around London -- see bombed out ruins, discover Medieval markets and even visit a Roman ampitheatre. £12 Get tickets

The London Cheese Crawl

Whether you’re a pre-grated cheddar sprinkler or mimolette fan, this cheesy walking tour will delight your senses. Starting off at a cheese counter in Mayfair that has been serving for more than 300 years, you'll tour the city's best dairy delights - including Fortnum & Mason, where the royals get their fix.   Get tickets

The British Museum Tour - Ideas that Made our World

Track the journey of humanity through this tour around the British Museum. The tour aims to help you understand why the world is the way it is, and show how humans learned to question absolutely everything. Get tickets

Secret London Bike Tour

Whether you’re new in town or a London veteran, this bike tour will help you see the city from a whole new perspective. Starting in Waterloo, you’ll pedal all the way to the East End, stopping to ogle some of the iconic landmarks along the way. You’ll be led by an expert guide, and all the equipment you need is included.  Get tickets

Graffiti & Street Art in East London

Graffiti under the guidance of a professional London graffiti artist and create a masterpiece of your own. The four-hour workshop includes spraypaint and all the other materials you'll need -- just bring creativity. £40 Get tickets

The Alleyways and Shadows - Old City Ghost Walk

At night, the City of London is at its creepiest... discover the area's most haunted locations with paranormal writer Richard Jones, London's longest established ghost walk guide - he's been at it since 1982! You'll visit hidden passages, ancient burial grounds, haunted alleyways and ghostly passageways - all places where people have been known to capture ghostly images on their cameras. Get tickets

The Whitehall Walk

Learn how a muddy swamp transformed into the heart of a government with power over a quarter of the world's landmass. From a land grabbing empire to burning our European bridges, Westminster has some stories to tell. Get tickets

Ghosts of the Old City

At night, the City of London is at its creepiest, with 2,000 years worth of dark history to discover. Tour the area's most haunted locations with paranormal writer Richard Jones, London's longest established ghost walk guide - he's been at it since 1982!  Get tickets

The Westminster Ghost Walk

The afterlife is an intriguing subject, but how close to ghosts do we truly want to get? For those with a fascination of all things spooky, test your limits with The Westminster Ghost Walk. You'll explore this deeply historic and fascinating area of London and hear tales of ghosts, poltergeists and body snatchers along the way. Your experienced guide will lead you through dark alleyways, haunted buildings and human burial grounds - sharing the chilling secrets London has long been hiding in its past.  Get tickets