The Best of Londonist This Week

What Would Happen if North Korea Nuked London?

Hypothetically, of course

Recognise Dalston in This Monster-Filled Graphic Novel?

Monsterzz. They're basically the new fixie bike.

See the Final Bit of Crossrail Track Being Laid Into Place

We can't wait.

A Treasure Trove of a Museum, Right in Clerkenwell

One for London history buffs.

Quiz: 40 Fiendish Questions Inspired by @Thepostalmuseum

Some top trivia.

Do London on the Cheap With These £5 or Less Events This Week

All £5 or less.

This Is What the Tube Map Looks Like in 3D

Just don't try to find your way around London with it

Hear About the Whales That Lived in the Thames?

Time to unearth the treasure.

This Is How an American Would Have Solved London's Transport Problems

The foreign perspective.

Another 5 Reasons Why We Love Smithfield Market

Well worth a butcher's

Firework Displays in London

Firework displays across the city.

5 Reasons Why You Should Round Up Your Mates for Ally Pally's Fireworks Festival

SO much more than fireworks

The Georgian Hyperloop: To India by Vacuum Tube

19th century cartoon predicts the future.

See These Balloons Over the City?

Missed it? Put this in your diary for next year...

Wellcome Collection Does It Again With Another Great Exhibition

Free to visit

Visiting Liverpool Street? Go See This Bonkers Sculpture

Modern art is full of hot air...

Guess How Many Tube Journeys Are Taken Every Minute?

We like this moving infographic.

11 of the Best Sam Smith's Pubs in London

Did you know there's one in Anerley?

What's It Like Living in a Shipping Container?

We meet the tenants living in London's latest shipping container homes.

Ditch the Boxset and Take a Unique Course at the British Library

Check out these courses at the British Library.

Got a Chai Craving? We've Tracked Down the Best

How do you feel about fudge chai?

Learn How to Blend Whisky Like a Pro With This Chivas Regal Masterclass

Make your own blend and take it home with you (if you don't drink it first).

Elephants Spooked by Lion... On the Streets of London

At the 1930 Lord Mayor's Show.

Why Has This Old South London Library Been Filled With Hundreds of Eggs?

Egg puns at the ready

Food Review: Tuyo

Saffron cocktails and Levantine dishes

Ever Played the Finchley Central Game?

Tag a mate and have a go at the original together

Check Out These Stunning Wildlife Photographer of the Year Images

Wish we could take pictures as good as this.

We Love This Knight Statue, Recently Brought Out of Hiding

A knight in the City.

Rachel Whiteread Takes Over Tate Britain With Her Casts

What does the underside of 100 chairs look like?

The Best Edinburgh Fringe Shows That Are Coming to London

From slapstick to satirical.

Warriors From Ancient Siberia Have Galloped Into London

War, trade and diplomacy.

Ever Heard of Valerie, Lady Meux? She Led a Remarkable Life

A remarkable life.

The Totally Thames Quiz Is on a Boat, With a Beefeater

A quiz with a difference (it's on a boat and has a beefeater)

Oh My God This Looks Like an Absolutely Terrifying Bit of Marketing

We knew the cable car had its problems, but calling in International Rescue is a bit weird.

Things to Do Today in London: Monday 18 September 2017

Talks, books, and... Minecraft?

There's Now a Wicked-Themed Afternoon Tea

Plenty of sand-witches

The Best London Events This Week

A psychedelic world.

Calling All Vegans: Firezza's Vegan Pizza Is Actually Really Good

Vegan cheese that complements the crust perfectly

These Are the Best Spots for Sake in London

Worth some serious investigation.

Sherlock Holmes Fan? Then You'll Know the Answer to All These Questions

Did 221b Baker Street exist in Victorian London?

The Trivago Woman Has Been Spotted Defacing Her Own Posters on the Tube

Ad campaign extension or nervous breakdown?

The Museum of London Want Some of the Infamous 'Fatberg'

A delicious recipe of condensed nappies, wet wipes, fat and oil.

Fancy Playing Pong and Pac-Man at the Science Museum?

Is your favourite game here?