The Best of Londonist This Week

Fun Things to Do This Week in London: 15-21 January 2018

Love craft beer? You'll have to run for it (5km to be exact)

The Best Things to Do on a Budget This Week: 15-21 January 2018

No money? No worries. Here's our selection of the best things to do for under a fiver this week.

"Only the Most Curious People Find Us" - Inside London's Most Wondrous Toy Shop

Hamleys isn't in the same league as this place.

London History: When 35 Londoners Were Killed by a Giant Wave

Forgotten tragedy near Canary Wharf that killed 35

Art Is Full of Nudity. Here's Where to Find It

"Don't f*ck with a goddess."

A Hidden Museum Next to a Bridge Over One of London's Busiest Streets

Don't miss the phone box.

Are the Spikes on This Pump to Stop Men Making Penis Jokes?

Well, well, well.

London's Italian Street: Sicilian Avenue

Apparently it was London's first purpose-built pedestrianised street.

9 of London's Most Niche Museums

A cultural checklist

The Soho Toilet With an Unlikely Secret

Far from bog standard.

Things to Do in London in February 2018 Half Term

Banish the boredom.

A Wild Boy, Children's Graves and Torture Mansions: Secrets of Kensington Palace and Gardens

Includes filthy language from yesteryear.

Could Parliament End Up Floating on Old Woolwich Ferries?

We hope no MPs suffer from sea sickness...

6 Things to Do at Natural History Museum's Dinosaur Sleepover

There's even a 'basecamp'.

Inside the Little-Known Building Where the Government Stashes Its Art

One for all the art lovers.

Where to Order a Birthday Cake in London

Cakes galore.

This Cantonese Canteen Feels Like Something Out of Blade Runner

Have you visited this Cantonese canteen?

Crossrail Stations: Rebranded

From now on Romford shall be known as... ROMFORD.

London's Worst Tube Disaster Now Marked by Poignant Memorial

Previously a plaque was in its place.

Hungry for Knowledge? This Handy Subscription Service Grants You Access to as Many Talks as You'd Like

All-you-can-eat knowledge.

Things to Do Today in London: Monday 15 January 2018

Top notch events to see you through the most miserable day of the year.

The Curious Incident of the Dog on the Northern Line

Two tales of canine adventure.

Where to Eat in London if You're Vegetarian

Meat-free and magnificent

Watch Award-Winning Films With Richard Ayoade

Celebrate 100 years of Bergman.

Booze-Free London: The Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Around

Banish the booze.

Our Guide to London's Best Polish Restaurants

Plenty of pierogi.

Pre-Theatre Dining Doesn't Have to Bankrupt You - Here's Our Selection of the Best

You don't want to have a grumbly stomach throughout the play

Food Review: Draft House's Vegan Options

Goodness gracious this food is great and greasy

We'll Be Taking the Kids Back to This Free Museum of London Docklands Gallery

Excellent play space on the Isle of Dogs.

London Reacts to Being Snubbed by Donald Trump

Who are you calling an "off location"?

Taylor Swift Went to a Kentish Town Kebab Shop

Also does the traditional British thing by flinging a pint aloft.

The Former Car Park That Has Transformed Into Peckham's Creative Hub

You can even get a haircut.

Driving the Crossrail Simulator

Incredibly detailed.

Behind the Scenes at the Restoration of Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower

One of the city's most recognisable landmarks has fallen silent

London's Great Tooth Heist

Jaw and order.

London Buses Now Tell You They're About to Move... While Moving

Stating the bleedin' obvious.

EastEnders Meets Clockwork Orange... In Islington

A fetid, ash-tray-gobbed fireworks display of a play.

Theatre Review: Bananaman the Musical

Retaining the original cartoon-like quality.

More Silly Things to Do on the Underground

An escalator must run out at some point, right?

In Pictures: No Trousers on the Tube Day 2018

Were you brave enough to take part?

How Islington Council Helped to Define Whisky

That's the spirit.

Theatre Review: Into the Numbers at Finborough Theatre

Not a fun watch, but an important one.