Unique London Pub Under Threat From Developers

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Unique London Pub Under Threat From Developers
Photo by Mark Baynham

Notable City of London pub Still & Star is under threat from developers.

An office block is planned for the site, meaning Still & Star's days may be numbered. As the pub isn't listed or in a conservation area, its future looks bleak.

Still & Star is thought to be unique within the City of London, as the last remaining example of a 'slum pub' — a 'licensed premises converted from a private house'.

Slightly dubious notice in the Still and Star, Aldgate. Photo by Matt Brown via the Londonist flickrpool

It's also unique because there are no other Still & Star pubs in London.

Current landlord Michael Cox told Spitalfields Life the name comes from when the pub had its own 'still' for brewing (think a larger version of your GCSE physics distilling apparatus) upstairs in the hayloft above the main pub.

The 'star' refers to the Star of David, a nod to the Jewish population of Aldgate during the 19th century.

The proposed office block. Developers are suggesting there could be a bar called The Still & Star within the new building.

Spitalfields Life's Gentle Author and the Victorian Society are holding an event next week to celebrate the Still & Star and talk about how to stop its demolition. Join them at Still & Star from 6.30pm on 16 August.

Meanwhile, you can make your opinions about the redevelopment known on the City of London planning website.

Last Updated 09 August 2016

Al Dorf

Unfortunately developers can pretty much do what they want. The nearby Duke of Wellington luckily got a reprieve recently and so did the George Tavern, but only temporarily. The developers will just come up with another proposal. Events show us that developers always get their way in the end. Shame that Londons unique historic buildings can be so easily replaced with shopping mall architecture. New York will have more history than London before we know it.


Another traditional public house with a great history that should have been properly recognised and made part of londons history years ago.

Why wait until now when it's about to be demolished??

This baffles me as for many years there has been guided walks , talks about it's history!!!

Lets not forget the fond memories for all that have and do use the still and star, and the very much loved and supported darts league .
All of the above has always been supported by the landlord Michael Cox , who over the years has put his heart and soul into preserving the pubs history , traditions and built up a very good reputation .
It would be ANOTHER great loss to the history of London.