Is This London's Shortest Pub Crawl?

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 24 months ago
Is This London's Shortest Pub Crawl?

We popped to Nunhead last week and noticed that around Nunhead Green is possibly London's shortest pub crawl (Bermondsey Beer Mile? Pfft, we don't want to walk for a mile). There's The Beer Shop, The Pyrotechnist's Arms, Old Nun's Head and The Habit... though a spanner was thrown in the works when we discovered that these days The Habit is a bistro.


Still, three pubs is a crawl, right? And this trio comes in at 206m (according to Google Maps. We're dedicated to research, but draw the line at going out with a measuring wheel).


But then we started to think. The Dolphin, Golden Lion and Sydenham's new Beer Rebellion are pretty close together as well. Turns out that crawl clocks in at 158m.


Can we do even better? Well, yes. Yes, we can. Because The Oxford Arms, Elephant's Head and Buck's Head on Camden High Street can be visited without walking further than 61m. (We're obviously not counting trips to the bar and back.)

Charing Cross

Three pubs are all very well, but do they really constitute a crawl? We opened up the concept to four pubs, and the quartet of The Chandos, The Harp, The Marquis and The Lemon Tree by Charing Cross station may work. The total journey is 153m, which is more than twice the distance of the Camden crawl for only one more pub.

Camden Town again

These thoughts of Camden made us wonder: can we tag a fourth pub onto the Camden crawl? And it turns out: yes, we can. By taking a shortcut onto Jamestown Road, the walk from The Ice Wharf to The Oxford Arms is 89m, making a total crawl distance of 150m. Is this it? Have we found London's shortest pubcrawl? Suggest others in the comments...

Last Updated 09 June 2016


You left out The Man of Kent in Nunhead! It's just opposite the Old Nun's Head.


Pfft. Greenwich. Admiral Hardy - Spanish Galleon - Gipsy Moth. 119m

Alistair Twiname

given that your camden one walks past this bar (fifty five) without conting it obviously not.


Borough Market: The Sheaf, Katzenjammers, Southwark Tavern, Wheatsheaf, Market Porter - 130m for 5 pubs!

If you do just the first three, it's 62m. First four is 100m.

Will Aitken

Greenwich. Richard 1, Greenwich Union, Prince of Greenwich. Google says 164 feet


Erm, Camden - Brewdog, Black Heart, Worlds End - all literally around the corner from each other?!


Islington: The York, The Nags Head, Glassworks.. Can't work out how to get Google to do distances in metres but you only have to cross the road... add in the Steam Passage maybe for a fourth? Neither Google Maps and Apple Maps know the Upper Street entrance to Angel Central (formerly N1 Centre) though where Glassworks is...


Greenwich again, Prince of Greenwich - Greenwich Union - Richard I. 50m start to finish, and is this the only place in London with two pubs next to each other???

Richard Trenholm

The White Hart, Union Jack and Lord Nelson in Southwark: 130m (The Charles Dickens and the Ring also close)

Rachel Holdsworth

All these other options are brilliant! Thanks everyone!

Lance Braddon

Your research is seriously flawed, you obviously don't get out much. On Whitehall opposite Trafalgar Square there are 4 pubs almost next to each other and a Wetherspoon opposite...

Cameron Taylor

Market Porter -> Wheatsheaf -> Southwark Tavern -> The Sheaf 140m. Include Katzenjammers for a Bonus Stein en route.