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Ghost Of Boris Haunts Mayor Of London Twitter Account

By Londonist Staff Last edited 12 months ago
Ghost Of Boris Haunts Mayor Of London Twitter Account

Boris Johnson may have signed off as Mayor of London, but his legacy lives on in tweet form.

His successor Sadiq Khan, who has taken over the @mayoroflondon Twitter account apparently doesn't have the heart (or probably time), to delete previous tweets, which makes for some unusual posts, featuring Khan's headshot and Boris's public appearances:

Things gets even stranger when our Sadiq/Boris hybrid expresses his views:

Alas, if you keep scrolling back, you won't get to tweets from Ken Livingstone — the @mayoroflondon account was set up in May 2008, when Boris took office.

Last Updated 13 May 2016


Just imagine the hilarity if Trump gets his hands on @POTUS.

Matthew Ames

Personally, I don't think the old tweets should be deleted, because they should remain online as a matter of public record.
The alternative would be to Archive them somewhere, maybe.