Sadiq Khan Is London's New Mayor

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 26 months ago
Sadiq Khan Is London's New Mayor

Labour's Sadiq Khan is London's new mayor, in a result that was widely expected.

A technical hitch in the count delayed the result until after midnight, but Khan has won by a whopping 56.8% after second preferences were included (1,310,143 votes in total) to Zac Goldsmith's 43.2% (994,614 votes in total).

In his victory speech, Khan said he was "proud that London has chosen hope over fear and unity over division. The politics of fear is not welcome in our city".

Not everyone is happy with Khan's win. Look at this idiot:

The 25 London Assembly seats have been allocated as follows: 12 to Labour, eight to the Conservatives, two each to the Greens and UKIP and one to the Liberal Democrats.

Turnout was 45.6% — the highest ever for a London mayoral election, and far higher than some people were predicting.

What does this mean for London? For a start, it means the city perhaps wasn't overly keen on insinuations about Khan's 'Muslim sympathies' in what we can only describe as a victory for this multicultural capital.

We wait to see if Khan can hold up on his promise to freeze fares for his full four year term, and whether he really can build more genuinely affordable homes for Londoners. Whatever's in store, it's a definite switch from Boris Johnson's mayoralty. Let's see what he can do with it.

Last Updated 09 May 2016


Sadiq Khan isn't London's "first Muslim Mayor" - Luftur Rahman of Tower
Hamlets was. And um... he was removed from office in 2015 (four years after
election) due to unbelievable voter fraud and rampant corruption.

Greg Tingey

"We wait to see if Khan can hold up on his promise to freeze fares for his full four year term,"
And, if he does, we can look forward to a total collapse of TfL's finances & the system grinding to a halt - sometime in the next mayoralty, of course.
See the debate at "London Reconnections"


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