Which Mayoral Candidate Should You Vote For?

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Which Mayoral Candidate Should You Vote For?

Who should you vote for in the mayoral election? There's a loaded question, if ever there was one.

We're not here to tell you that. But this handy guide from online voting platform Represent lets you compare your views to those of the mayoral candidates. Answer the questions, rate how important they are to you and Represent will calculate how closely you align with each candidate's manifesto.

The good thing about this tool is that you don't have to answer all 50 questions — you'll get a summary of who you're matching with every five questions. So get clicking!

Last Updated 28 April 2016


Impossible to create a username for this...

Laura Porter

Agree with previous comment, impossible to create a Username making the questions, sadly, a big waste of time. And it doesn't give a summary after each 5 questions either.


Hi Laura, Hi Louise! We're really sorry about that! We had a bit of an issue with our email service provider, which in turn caused an error registering new accounts. It's all fixed up now, and we'll make sure we email everyone who was affected by this - sorry!

PS The compare aspect works when you're logged in, but since you couldn't do that you didn't see it - sorry!
PPS Thank you for commenting!

Mark Wilson

Got to the end, clicked 'Register your Vote'... Nothing happens.

Helen Abbott

What a piece of rubbish! Filled out all the questions and won't allow me to submit ... Also, why DOB?? "To verify" to verify what exactly??? It's not a referendum

Helen Abbott

Also, the software is now stuck on question with the cursor whirling round like a dervish ...


Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback and we're sorry you're experiencing issues. We're looking into these, but just quickly for peace of mind there are many prior registering successfully and going on to have their say on hundreds of issues effecting London. (You'd almost think there were some kind of democratic deficit in this country!)

This does not excuse the poor experience a few of you are having, and for that we are truly sorry. If you're happy to give us another chance you might like to try at https://represent.me/london before you come back to the Londonist to enjoy their excellent coverage of the issues effecting your city!


To compare how the two candidates have ACTUALLY previously voted in parliament and how that compares to your own views check out this quick and easy tool at Londonselects.com


Well, this could have been interesting, if a Facbook ad hadn't come up, completely wiping out my answers. Walking away now.